Eyelid Primer — It’s a Thing (And Here’s Why You Need It!)

primerSome people grow up knowing about makeup. I don’t know how. Either their mom teaches them or their sister, or some kindly neighbor lady, or they just figure it out, but somehow by high school there are girls who like, really get how to put on makeup, and there are girls who do not (which is fine because in high school you don’t actually need makeup anyway. No you don’t. Okay, I’ve digressed.)

Anyway I was one of the girls who did not “get” makeup. I figured out the one thing I needed to do to properly match my Rockabilly boyfriend, and then I stopped learning. For the better part of my life I had two looks: done up and nothing at all. And through my 20s that mostly worked. I certainly didn’t need to lose precious minutes of sleep so I could put on makeup I didn’t really need before work in the morning. And then I had a kid, and I started to lose precious minutes of sleep no matter what I did, and it seemed like makeup might be kind of a good thing to invest in just a tiny bit.

All this is my long-winded way of saying that if you’re just learning your way around the beauty aisle like I have been (or, let’s be honest, the beauty superstore) and wondering why you can’t get your makeup to stay on (or worse, in place!) it’s because nobody told you about primer. And in these sweaty days of summer, you’re gonna want to use it.

Primer does everything from minimizing pores, to smoothing fine lines, to cleaning up your messes, and yes, there’s even a version specifically made for your eyelids. While I like to use a green-tinted (redness balancing) primer for most of my face, I love love love the neutralized smooth base that Smashbox’s Photo Finish Lid Primer provides. It’s a great primer to start with, especially if you’re not an all-over makeup kind of girl (I’m still not, though I’m quickly becoming one …). Just smooth a bit over your lids and watch as your summer makeup magically stay put.

Other primers I love? Shiseido Refining Makeup Primer (which has an SPF of 21!) and Benefit’s POREfessional is a great option if you want something thicker and with a more star-filter effect.

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