Fall = Straight Hair Weather: 5 Ways to Make the Most of Straightened Hair

If your hair has any kind of kink, curl, or wave, you know that the fall is what we call “straight hair weather.” The air is less humid, and that means there’s less chance of reversion. There’s nothing worse than spending hours and tons of money for a blow-out, only to have it puff up as soon as you walk out the door.

I’ve got you covered with 5 things you can do to take advantage of straight hair weather and protect your hair from heat damage.

  • Give Your Hair a Deep-Conditioning Treatment 1 of 5

    I do a protein deep-conditioning treatment before applying heat to my hair as a preventive measure, as heat can be damaging to hair. A good deep conditioner will moisturize and reinforce the hair's infrastructure, preventing heat damage and breakage. I'm a fan of the coconut oil hair mask

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  • Get a Proper Trim 2 of 5

    Split and broken ends can easily hide in textured hair. But when you wear your hair straight, there is no way to mask the damage. Blow drying and flat ironing can make things worse. Ask your stylist to give you a thorough trim. Your straight hair will look sleeker and more full-bodied.  

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  • Go Non-Sudsy 3 of 5

    Your hair is more susceptible to breakage when straight. The fact is the process itself leaves your hair vulnerable. Your hair will appreciate a gentle cleanser that will leave the hair with its natural oils. Non-sudsy creamy cleanser, a beauty industry best-kept secret, is perfect for this. Before switching to a gentle cleanser, it's always recommended to wash hair with a clarifying shampoo the session prior to the switch. 

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  • Pineapple It 4 of 5

    The Pineapple Method is a great way to preserve hair, curly or straight. But when it comes to straight hair, you want to keep it smooth. The best way to do this is by pineappling, or gently brushing the hair up into a high ponytail and tying a satin scrunchy around your head. This will keep bedhead frizz away.

    Naturally Curly put together the wonderful step-by-step above.

  • Tie It Up 5 of 5

    Your straight hair is on its last leg: it's greasy and starting to bow instead of falling like a beautiful cascade. No worries! Grab your cutest headscarf. Don't know how to tie it? We've got 20 ways to tie a headscarf

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