29 Great Minds on the Power of Hair

215px-HairposterGive me a head with Hair.
Long beautiful Hair.
Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen.
Give me down to there Hair.

— “Hair” James Rado and Gerome Ragni (1967)

It’s the proverbial book cover by which we are most often judged, so is it any wonder that human beings have long had a complicated relationship with our hair? Like a Lion prunes their mane, we cut it, we dye it, we shave, and we buy it. Sometimes it betrays our truths, while other times it acts as our invisibility cloak, our security blanket, our greatest accessory, and yes, it’s even been known to ruin a day or two.

From philosophers to rock and roll frontmen, here are some epic quotes on the power of HAIR.


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    Celebrities, public figures, and thinkers throughout the ages share about their thoughts on hair. 

  • Hillary Clinton 2 of 29

    Hillary's been making headlines with her coiffure since 1992, and it doesn't sound like she's getting ready to stop now. [quote]

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  • Ivana Trump 3 of 29

    Ivana would know. [quote]

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  • Jim Morrison 4 of 29

    I find this quote really telling. [quote]


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  • Cicero 5 of 29

    See Britney? Even in ancient roman times, shaving your head was a sign of a meltdown. [quote]

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  • Julia Roberts 6 of 29

    I just remember being totally shocked when she took off that Blonde wig in Pretty Woman. [quote]

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  • Aretha Franklin 7 of 29

    Aretha commands RESPECT in more ways than one. [quote]

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  • Bill Gates 8 of 29

    Of all the things for Bill Gates to worry about...[quote]


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  • Tina Fey 9 of 29
    Big Hair and Mean Girls

    Tina didn't say it, she wrote it in the screenplay for Mean Girls, but that doesn't make it any less memorable. [quote]


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  • Moby 10 of 29

    It's strange the things you find out about people when they start talking about their hair. [quote]

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  • Mark Twain 11 of 29

    Mark Twain lived in different times, but this does kind of feel like it still rings true today when looking at the box color aisle. [quote]


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  • Bill Cosby 12 of 29

    I haven't gotten any yet. What's a girl got to do to get some decoration around here? [quote]


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  • Kerri Russell 13 of 29

    I'm not going to lie. I totally stopped watching Felicity after she cut off her hair. [quote]


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  • Whoopie Goldberg 14 of 29

    That's a good a reason as any, Whoopi. [quote]

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  • John Lennon 15 of 29

    Existential, John. [quote]

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  • Diana Ross 16 of 29

    Diana's hair announces her to the room. [quote]

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  • Michael J. Fox 17 of 29

    But I mean, if you lost your hair, couldn't you just go back to the future and get it? [quote]

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  • Lily Tomlin 18 of 29

    Truer words, Lily...truer words. [quote]


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  • Jet Li 19 of 29

    And he knows 1000 different ways to do it with his bare hands! [quote]

    Photo Credit: World Economic Forum from Cologny, Switzerland

  • Christopher Walken 20 of 29

    It's true, when we think of Chris Walken, his hair is kind of a big part of the whole thing. The upside to signature hair is that it makes you a recognizable halloween costume. [quote]

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  • Rihanna 21 of 29

    Oh, the power of a haircut. [quote]

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  • Beck 22 of 29

    What does that say about Dee Snyder? [photo]

    Photo Credit: Barry Mulling from North Hollywood, USA

  • Morrissey 23 of 29

    When I was in college I knew this guy who sang in a Smiths cover band and had his nose fixed to look like Morrissey. I'd say his entire life was probably not quote on track either. [quote]

    Photo Credit: morrissey at la zona rosa

  • Emma Watson 24 of 29

    Nothing like making your hair disappear to give you a little perspective. [quote]

    Photo Credit: Joella Marano

  • Vin Diesel 25 of 29

    I don't even understand what he means by that, but how could I not include Vin Diesel in this slideshow. [photo]

    Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

  • Sherri Shepherd 26 of 29

    If this were a status update, I'd like it and then unlike it so I could like it again. [quote]

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  • Charlize Theron 27 of 29

    Wait, you mean that's not your natural color? [quote]

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  • Cat Deely 28 of 29

    If Cat Deely has bad hair days, they're not during the SYTYCD season. [quote]

    Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi from Sydney Australia

  • Abu Bakr 29 of 29

    From the super duper olden days...BOOM.


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