Faux Bettie Bangs: A Pin-Up Hair Tutorial

Ahhh, the gorgeous Bettie Paige — the undisputed queen of vintage pin-ups.  This tutorial will show you how to get Bettie’s iconic look.  And if you’re not sure who Bettie Paige is?  Don’t worry.  Katy Perry is bringing the vintage back.  This style was wildly popular back then and because it’s so fun and flirty, it’s making a strong come back.  If you want the bangs less dramatic, more for everyday, pull the roll tighter and up higher on your forehead and skip the U shape.  This style is definitely for beginners, my friends; it’s so super easy and perfect for the last minute Halloween costume!

Go ahead and pair this one with a sassy poodle skirt and some white keds.

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    Is there a look that Katy Perry can't pull off?  I just think this is such a fabulous look for Halloween.  Am loving the pink studded jacket Katy has paired with her vintage do.

    photo source: prphotos

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    And if you're not dressing up for Halloween?  I realize Katy has actually trimmed her bangs, but you can use this same rolling method to imitate this gorgeous look too.

    photo source: prphotos

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    Start the style with by creating these retro glam curls. Tutorial here

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    Gather a large section of bangs. You're going to go all the way back to your part. Secure the rest of your hair into a ponytail.

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    Get out that comb, because we are going to town on teasing!

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    Yup. Still more!

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    Comb through the top section, just enough to smooth the very top down.

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    Optional: Take a large curling iron and give those bangs a nice little curl. It will help with the next step.

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    Roll the bangs under and towards your forehead.

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    Take a couple bobby pins and secure the roll in place. You will insert the pins horizontally, or parallel to the roll.

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    Now you're going to gently lift the sides of the roll up. You want to create a slight U shape.

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