Best Grammy® Makeup Trends by Decade: Create These Looks at Home

The Grammy® Awards have been part of the American culture for more than 50 years. While these awards recognize excellence in the music industry, I can’t but help notice the new trends and fabulous styles of the rich and famous when I watch them. With the 56th annual Grammy® Awards right around the corner  — eeek this coming Sunday — I thought I’d put some inspiration boards together of my favorite makeup trends by decade. I’ve included a few tricks on how you can create these fabulous looks at home and how to bring these looks into the modern day.


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  • ’60s: Cat Eyes and Bold Brows 2 of 11

    Aretha Franklin won the best female R&B solo vocal performance for "Respect." Her signature look was a drastic cat eye.


    Cat Eye: Hold your chin up so when you look at yourself in the mirror you can see the entire eyelid. Imagine an angled line that starts at the tip of your eyebrow and ends at your lash line. The wing of your cat eye should be on this angle. Sweep gel liner toward your eyebrow on the angle we just talked about. Do not tug at your lid to flatten out its natural wrinkles -- it won't look as good once you release the skin. Complete the line by working from the outside of your eye toward the inner corners using long strokes. Note: Gel eyeliner is easier to work with than the liquid variety so if you're new to the cat eye, it's a great way to start!


    Defined Brows:  Use an eyebrow pencil to fill in and shape your brows. You want really defined and bold brows with a cat eye so any gaps or thinner parts of your eyebrow need to be filled in.


    Get the Look:

    1) Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in Dark Brown | $18

    2) Anastasia Brush #12 | $18

    3) Bamboo Flat Eyeliner Brush | $5

    4) Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner | $27

    Aretha Franklin Photo Credit

    Amy Winehouse Photo Credit: PR PHOTOS

  • Then and Now: Aretha and Amy Winehouse 3 of 11

    Aretha and Amy rocking the cat eye. Amy made her cat eyes pop in a more modern sense by using bolder lines and extending them upwards. 


    Aretha Franklin Photo Credit: Wikimedia

    Amy Winehouse Photo Credit: PR PHOTOS

  • ’70s: Natural Makeup and Nude Lips 4 of 11

    Barbara Streisand won best female pop vocal performance for "Evergreen." Her makeup is very natural-looking with nude lips and a bit of illumination.


    Cheeks:  Starting with the cheeks, swipe the apricot blush up towards your ears.  Next take some illuminator and dab it at an angle directly above your blush


    Nude Lips: A nude lip can be tricky to pull off. You'll need to exfoliate your lips and make sure they're smooth. Prime them and then apply your lipstick. If they blend in a little too much to the skin, try outlining the lips in a darker shade and blending it all together.


    Eyes: I absolutely love the Stila's Light Palette. It has beautiful shimmers, highlights and neutral mattes.  I'd start with Kitten at the inner eyelid, and then apply the shimmery brown to the corners of the eyes. Blend the colors together with the soft brown. If you're going for a darker look, pat some of the ebony near the eyelashes. This is a great palette for all different looks


    Get this Look:

    1) Stila in the light palette | $39

    2) Sephora collection color blush apricot | $15

    3) NYX Born to glow liquid illuminator | $7

    4) Mac magnetic nude lipstick | $15

  • Then and Now: Barbara and Rachel McAdams 5 of 11

    Barbara and Rachel McAdams look amazing in softer tones. Rachel Adams subtly makes her look more modern with a pinker lip shade and a less-pronounced blush.


    Barbara Streisand Photo Credit: Wikimedia

    Rachel McAdams Photo Credit: PR PHOTOS

  • ’80s: Big Hair and Bright Lips Plus Shadows 6 of 11

    Whitney Houston took home the Grammy® in 1985 for the best female pop vocal performance with the song "Saving All My Love For You."


    Hair: Big hair don't care! The '80s were a time when bigger was always better. The key to those frizz-less curls is to squeeze excess water from your hair instead of towel drying. Right after you get out of the shower, apply your styling products, as this will lock in the style. Don't scrunch and let the curls air dry.  No combing and no brushing are allowed, or you'll end up with tons of frizz!


    Lips:  The '80s was also known for bold eyeshadow hues and bright lips.  With these, you'll want to go all out -- exfoliate, prime, line, and fill. By exfoliating and priming the lips, you're making sure the lipstick goes on smoothly and stays on all day. This is a very important step when wearing bold lips. Next you'll want line the lips to ensure there's no bleeding onto the actual skin. We want the bold color to stay on the lips! Finally, find your hue and fill it in; I like to pat on the color instead of just putting it on like Chapstick. I feel like I more control over the color and coverage that way.


    Get the Look:

    1) kinky curly  curling cream | $28

    2) true romance eyeshadow palette | $36

    3) Smashbox lipstick | $20

    4) L'oreal paris colour riche lipstick, pink flamingo| $9

    5) Brow Wiz | $21

  • Then and Now: Whitney Houston and Kat Graham 7 of 11

    Big hair is beautiful hair. Kat Graham modernizes the look with bold red lips and even bigger hair!


    Whitney Houston and Kat Graham Photo Credit: PR PHOTOS

  • ’90s: Platinum Hair, Dark Brows, and Red Lips 8 of 11

    In 1991 Madonna won the Grammy® for the best long form music video: Blond Ambition World Tour Live. In the '90s it was all about the big hair, dark brows, and bold lips -- at least for Madonna. 


    Eyebrows:  Madonna didn't care what the world thought of her brows. She had super heavy, dark brows and at one point she paired them with platinum blonde hair. She really was the first pop musician to make a statement with her eyebrows and the trend is totally back. I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills 5 piece set for all things brow. It comes with fabulous tweezers, some stencils that fit all eyebrow shapes, and then a really nice brush and powder to help fill in the brows. Once the brows are filled in, sweep the gel brush over the brows to set the powder and the shape.  


    Hair: This was the decade of butterfly clips, massive amounts of volume, and bouncy, natural curls.  The look today is more refined, but tall messy buns, natural texture and huge accessories are all coming back. Invest in some gel slush from Redken and liven up any second-day hairstyle by spraying it all over the hair and scrunching up on leftover curls.  Then pick a fun scrunchie and pull the hair back or put it in a big headband!


    Get the Look:

    1) velvet bow headband | $40

    2) Ardell natural demi wispies lashes | $4

    3) yves saint laurent Lipstick red muse | $34

    4) Anastasia Beverly Hills five item brow kit | $65

  • Then and Now: Madonna and Cara Loren 9 of 11

    The more modern version of Madonna's look is taken further with Cara's platinum locks. Paired with somewhat softer eye makeup than Madonna's, Cara's bright red lips pop even more!


    Madonna Photo Credit: PR PHOTOS

    Cara Loren Photo Credit: Cara Loren

  • ’00s: Bright Eyes and Nude, Glossy Lips 10 of 11

    In 2003 Avril Lavigne won the Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for "Complicated." I have very fond memories jamming out to this song with friends in high school. And let's be honest, you do too. I know it! Avril has always been a little crazy with her eye makeup, but that's one of the reasons why I chose her to demonstrate this decade. The 21st century has been about taking big risks in beauty: Crazy hairstyles, bold colors, braids, extensions, you name it! All of this happened in the 2000s.


    Eyes: I chose the Lorac Unzipped palette because it can give you a really bold look that's actually more wearable than Avril's -- the tones aren't as harsh. Start with "Undercover" from lash line to brow bone. Then sweep "Unbelievable" all over the lid and in the crease. This is a good neutral color that looks great on all skin tones. Next, blend "Unbelievable" softly out at the outer corner to elongate the eye. Use "Untamed" in the outer crease and add top and bottom liner for definition. For your last step, lightly wet the "Untamed" powder to line the lashes. Start with that and then if you want to build more color, go ahead and apply the more orangey hues and line the lower lid with the Nars shadow pencil.  


    Get the Look:

    1) lorac unzipped shimmer and matte eyeshadow | $40

    2) Smashbox lip gloss- pixel | $18

    3) nars soft touch shadow pencil skorpios | $24

    4) Stila smudge stick | $20

  • ’10s Trends: Multi-Colored Shadows and Sparkles 11 of 11

    This has pretty much been the decade where anything goes. It's all about being creative and standing out.  Katy Perry does just that -- stand out. She was nominated for the best album of the year in 2011 with Teenage Dream and her hit, "Roar," is actually nominated for song of the year. What I love about her look is that it's refined and put-together, yet it's flashy and daring.


    Eyes: Build the purple tones onto the top lid and then take Covergirl's green liqulineblast and line the lower lid. Pull the look together by applying the NYX candy glitter onto the lid and then apply false lashes.


    Face: Katy's blush looks so natural and creamy. Aside from her flawless complexion, it's what stands out to me. Using a creme blush, pat the pigment into the skin at the apples of the cheeks and work your way up towards your temple, making sure it's blended well. If you're going for the flawless porcelain look, make sure you're priming the skin and using concealer to hide any blemishes. Follow with a really natural liquid foundation -- I suggest Makeup Forever or Nars. Illuminate above the cheeks and highlight under the eyes, the bridge of the nose, and center of forehead and chin. Believe it or not, this girl is wearing a fair amount of product! 


    Get the Look:

    1) Eyeshadow palette by purely pro cosmetics |

    2) Yves saint laurent creme de blush | $38

    3) Glitter Liner in crystal NYX | $5

    4) Nars limited edition holiday collection lipstick | $26

    5) Liquiline blast eyeline green glow | $8

    6) Ardell natural demi wispies lashes | $4


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