Avoiding “The Monica”: How to Tame Frizzy Summer Hair

Every July, my hair has the same issue. Frizz. The humidity in the midwest really increases in the middle of the summer, and the result can leave me feeling like Monica Geller in Barbados. To fight the frizz every summer, I useĀ an array of moisturizing and anti-frizz products, spend a little extra time with my flat iron (and my heat protective spray), and I’m more likely to just go with the flow and wear my hair a little wavy.

The trick that I’ve found makes the most difference in my hair is to keep drying. If I think my hair is dry, I don’t stop. A lot of that frizz starts right after you turn off that blow dryer, simply because your hair isn’t quite fully dry. So, once I think my hair is done I’ll keep going for another 2 minutes or so to really get it dry. This goes a long way toward making my hair look more like a professional blow out and not like I stuck a finger in a light socket!

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