Avoiding “The Monica”: How to Tame Frizzy Summer Hair

Every July, my hair has the same issue. Frizz. The humidity in the midwest really increases in the middle of the summer, and the result can leave me feeling like Monica Geller in Barbados. To fight the frizz every summer, I use an array of moisturizing and anti-frizz products, spend a little extra time with my flat iron (and my heat protective spray), and I’m more likely to just go with the flow and wear my hair a little wavy.

The trick that I’ve found makes the most difference in my hair is to keep drying. If I think my hair is dry, I don’t stop. A lot of that frizz starts right after you turn off that blow dryer, simply because your hair isn’t quite fully dry. So, once I think my hair is done I’ll keep going for another 2 minutes or so to really get it dry. This goes a long way toward making my hair look more like a professional blow out and not like I stuck a finger in a light socket!

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I asked professional hair stylists for their favorite tips and tricks to fight the frizz. They had some great product recommendations, but because of their advice I'm re-evaluating how I treat my hair from the moment I get out of the shower! Maybe a few of their tips will make your hair easier to manage in this heat and humidity.

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"Tips for preventing frizz begin with protein treatments. Protein is essentially 'hair food' doing protein treatments regularly (about every 2 weeks) really help in maintaining frizz because protein fills in the gaps on the hair cuticle therefore helping control frizz."

— Morgan Willhite, Creative Director at Ouidad

Ouidad Deep Treatment Intensive Conditioner $26
Redken Extreme CAT Protein Restructuring Treatment for Distressed Hair $19
DevaCurl Heaven in Hair $25

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"I find people who shampoo too often are fighting frizz because the hair is too clean, they then need to add oils or serums to tame the dryness. I like basic old school Joico styling lotion with a little drop of a Kerastase Ultime Elixer serum, run through wet hair and blow dry."

— Andrea Dion Jacobs is a stylist at Orchid Salon in Wailea, HI

Kérastase Elixir Ultime $54
Joico Joilotion Sculpting Lotion $14.99

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"Naturally, frizzy hair is dry hair. The best way to start fixing this problem is by moisturizing the hair with deep conditioners and conditioning treatments at the salon. This will fix the root of the problem allowing you to really get the best out of the following products. So many girls suffer from frizzy hair and they tend to go for products that have a lot of alcohol to fix this problem. So please invest in great conditioning treatments.

Mika Fowler is a celebrity hairstylist at the Kim Vo Salon in Beverly Hills

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask $5.99
Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque $22.39
Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deeeeep Conditioner $3.59

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"After washing and conditioning your hair, rinse with cold water to close the cuticles immediately."

— Bill Murphy is the founder of Recitals Hair Care

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Don't Towel Dry 6 of 11
"Sounds funny but don't towel-dry it! If your hair is prone to frizzing the last thing you need is to step out of the shower or bath and wind and wrap your hair up in a ball/turban. Instead gently squeeze as much water from your hair before stepping out and then softly set your style with a large tooth comb or wet brush and prepare it for air-dry or blow-dry with proper product."

Regina Ventimiglia

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"A good styling product applied to damp hair is also key to preventing frizz. Regardless of your hair texture, my favorite go-to anti-frizz product is Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid. It's very light-weight, absorbent and smooths and conditions hair so as to prevent frizz."

— Allen Ruiz is the owner of Jackson Ruiz Salon in Austin, TX

Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid $28

Do-It-All Product 8 of 11
"Best Frizz Product on the Market ... Davines Oi All in One Milk has blown of my retail shelves and by far the best product I have ever held in my hand in almost 19 years. For the first time ever I can sell a product that works on many hair types, detangles, adds shine, gives body, protects the hair, and controls frizz."

— Sean Henry is a stylist at Salon Evol in Stroudsburg, PA

Davines Oi All in One Milk $28

Magic in a Bottle 9 of 11
"Kerastase Oleo Relax Serum has been my go to product for frizzy hair for years, and may be my favorite product of all time. It simplifies blow dry process for all hair types even the coarsest frizziest hair and creates a barrier between hair and a humid steamy or drizzly day promoting long lasting shine smooth styles with weightless protection. It's pretty much magic in a bottle."

— Julianne Bryce is a senior stylist at George the Salon in Chicago

Kerastase Oleo Relax Serum $32.59

Ions Do The Trick 10 of 11
"If you are blow drying, use ionic based technology driers as they are better suited to drying without frizzing hair."

— Bill Murphy is the founder of Recitals Hair Care

Sephora Blast: Ceramic Ionic Blow Dryer $80
Revlon Tourmaline Ionic 1875 Watt Dryer $19.99

Professional Hair Treatment 11 of 11
"For hair that has uncontrollable frizz, the best thing to do is to get a professional smoothing treatment like those offered by Keratin Complex. These treatments work like a miracle, leaving hair easier to manage with less frizz."

Sherri Jessee is a hairstylist and makeup artist who owns Sherri’s Hair Salon, in Bristol, Virginia. She also writes for

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