Fill Your Eyebrows Like a Pro: The Best Tutorials on YouTube

I believe filling in your eyebrows is one of the most overlooked beauty tricks; so many girls just don’t even know it’s a thing! I didn’t start filling in my brows until this last year and I can’t believe I grew up without knowing about it. I honestly feel cheated! So for you beginners, you super cute girls who aren’t filling in your brows, this post is for you. I’ve compiled my favorite tutorials to help teach you how to fill in your brows.  I seriously watched hours of  videos and the videos below are my favorites because these guru’s offered great advice, used great product and had incredible before and afters and stories to tell.

To see how I fill in my brows, check out my tutorial here

  • Brow-Filling 101 1 of 8

    These video tutorials are a great place to start! Click through to learn!

  • Promise Phan 2 of 8

    I was so amazed at Phan's before and afters ... seriously, you'll die. She creates these gorgeous brows and they're basically all drawn on, but they look so natural. Make sure to check out this tutorial ... it's one of my favorites.

  • From Head To Toe 3 of 8

    I love Jen and she has amazing informative tutorials. She starts by showing how she plucks and creates a clean eyebrow and then moves into her product and how-to. She's using the Anastasia Brows in Bloom kit | $25. Watch her tutorial here.

  • Claire Marshall 4 of 8

    I love Claire's tutorial because I feel like her before and after is so drastic.  It just goes to show how important filling in the eyebrows are.  She shows her entire process and shares the whats and whys. I pretty much need that Anastasia Brow Wiz!

  • Makeup By Camila 2 5 of 8

    Camille goes into such great detail with her technique, what she uses, and how it's applied. I couldn't find the kit she's using online anywhere, but individually you can find all her pieces at sigma.com. Camille is an eyebrow guru, that's for sure, and offers fabulous advice on how to get the perfect brows. Watch her video here

  • Makeup By Pang 6 of 8

    I threw this tutorial in because Pang actually uses a brown gel eyeliner instead of eyeshadow.  Her brows are seriously flawless and she's made me want to try out some new product.  I also like that there's a subtle gradient effect to her brows. Overall, it's just a great video using affordable product. How she highlights the brow is really awesome too! Watch the tutorial here

  • MaskCara 7 of 8

    I just love Cara Brooks. This is a great tutorial for learning where to fill in your brows and where to pluck them. You'll need a stiff haired angled brush and some dark brown powder. She gives you a great natural-looking brow and some fabulous advice!

  • Love Melisa Michelle 8 of 8

    Melissa chats for a good 9 minutes before she gets to the tutorial. If you're a beginner, you'll like it. Her before and afters are crazy and she offers advice on how to grow out your brows to get a better shape.  She just uses an angled brush and the Melani Fix kit. It's only $7 so it may be a good investment for some of you. Check out her tutorial here


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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