Five Great Products To Style Your Pixie Cut

image source: morgan shanahan
image source: morgan shanahan

There’s a great myth about we ladies of the crop… It goes something like “short hair is lower maintenance.” It’s a well shrouded secret in the Pixie community, time and time again we cackle with laughter as formerly long-locked women who could just moments ago rock the top knot, shear their hair in search of lower maintenance only to find that there’s a whole other set of products necessary to avoid helmet head here on the other side.

Today, I lower the veil.

1. I’m Not Ron Burgundy

image source: amazon
image source: amazon

Say it loud say it proud. You too can avoid helmet head with your own tiny 1 inch ceramic flat iron. (It must be tiny to accommodate your tiny hair.)

Available now at Amazon, $89.95

2. To Protect And To Serve

image source: morgan shanahan

My hair has been bleached to within an inch of its life, so Chi’s Iron Guard helps it from completely disintegrating.

Available now at Amazon, $4.50

3. Let Your Soul Glow

image source: amazon
image source: amazon

Orofluido is the nectar of the gods. I use it daily. Plus it has ROFL in its name.

Available now at Amazon, $11.40

4. Stick ‘Em Up

image soure: amazon
image source: amazon

My absolute favorite pomade/wax is the now discontinued Joico Con-text, but the orange peel molding cream from MOP takes a close second.

Available now at Amazon, $16.21

5. Dirty Girl

image source: amazon
image source: amazon

Big fan of my Rusk Sensories shampoo and conditioner. Big fan. Big. HUGE!

Available now at Amazon, $11.95

What products are you a fan of for your short hair?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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