“Chip-free” Polish Formula X Polish Put to the Test

Ching, plink, ding — Did you hear that? That’s the sound of Sephora’s Formula X is officially nailing it in the nail polish department! It’s a revolutionary nail polish system that claims to give a flawless long-lasting manicure comparable to that of gel systems.

Formula X launched back in October, with 200 shades to choose from at nearly $11 per polish! It’s high-gloss shine that stays chip-free for a week!

Being the mother-of-two polish-junky that I am, I HAD to see if it was worth all the hype and the high price tag.

  • Formula X 1 of 7

    On the outside it looks like any ordinary polish. But don't be fooled — this little lady really sticks!

  • 4 Step System 2 of 7

    The system includes four simple steps to give you a lasting manicure. Available at Sephora, this simple starter kit comes with cleanse, prime, and shine components. The fun part is choosing the color of your choice, for free!


    To Purchase: The System - Formula X For Sephora; $32 icon

  • Step 1. Cleanse 3 of 7

    Start by clipping and filing nails as desired. Then remove any unnecessary oils that may be resting on your nails with the cleanse formula. This layer dries instantly and ensures there is no unwanted barrier between the nails and base coat.

  • Step 2. Prime 4 of 7

    Next, you'll apply "prime" in one even layer. Think of this as your traditional base coat. However, the difference is this coat never fully dries. Rather, it remains tacky to the touch to act as velcro binding color to the base.

  • Step 3. Color 5 of 7

    Finally, it's time for the fun part — the pop of color! If you're anything like me, it was next to impossible to choose just one; but in the end, I went with 'Potent' — a creamy carnation pink! 


    You'll notice this step in the system applies a little differently than typical polish. At first, you might notice it a bit challenging to get an even layer with the polish being so thick. Don't worry, the uneven ridges seem to melt into each other to create a smooth finish. 


    Wait 10 minutes (or until nails are no longer tacky when the pinky nails on both hands are tapped together).


    Apply a 2nd coat and wait an additional 10 minutes.


    To Purchase: Formula X New Neutrals in Potent; $10.50icon

  • Step 4. Shine 6 of 7

    Finish your manicure by applying the top coat, 'Shine.' Again, this top coat tends to feel thicker and more concentrated than most. It dries lightning fast and leaves a thick shine that lasts for five days straight. On the 5th day, I like to apply another coat to bring a little gusto back to my nails.


    If you've ever tried gel polish or had a gel manicure done, the end result is very much the same — feels thick and secure and lasts for at least a week (yes, even when cleaning and doing dishes).

  • Color Crush 7 of 7
    formula x

    No that I've put it to the test and can't say enough flowery things about my experience; I'm dying to build up my stock! Right now I'm crushing on:


    Atomic — black cherry icon

    Invinsible — warm vanilla icon

    Tornado — boot camp green icon

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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