French Fishtail Braid: The Perfect Spring Look

A braid is perfect year around! But experimenting with different types of braids adds versatility and a playfulness to any hairstyle. One type of braid that I’ve been playing with is the fishtail braid. Here’s a great video tutorial for a French fishtail braid. Below are a few pictures of how I’ve incorporated this beautiful braid into my spring look.

  • Start With Freshly Blown Out Hair 1 of 6

    Blow drying your hair can help create a smooth, full-bodied braid.

  • French Fishtail Braid 2 of 6
    French Fishtail Braid Natural Hair

    I start my French fishtail braid in the crown of my head and proceed to braid toward the left (in the direction that I usually wear my parts.) Braiding in this matter allows for creativity and versatility in styling options. I can get three to four different hairstyles by incorporating this braid. 

  • French Fishtail Braid Creates a Pompadour 3 of 6

    Tuck and pin the loose braid to create a beautiful pompadour. This is one of my favorite looks. It's not your typical pompadour but has a twisted, braided flair. 

  • Side Inverted Braid 4 of 6

    Compliment your braided pompadour by creating a inverted braid on the opposite side. 

    After finishing the French fishtail braid, I braided the opposite side of my hair into a inverted braid and then secured with bobby pins. I left the back kind of wild and free to complete this style. 

  • Rope Twists Add a Little Something Extra 5 of 6

    Creating rope twists or flat twists in the back adds a little something extra. It immediately upgrades the look to an after-five, elegant and sophisticated hairstyle.

  • Elegant Updo with French Fishtail 6 of 6

    The is the complete look from all angles. You can see how the French fishtail creates a sleek pompadour and the added twists and braid really pull the whole look together. This is my new Spring Look. I hope you were inspired and will be creating your own variations of this style!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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