Frosted Fingers: DIY Snow Nail Polish Tutorial

Let the north winds bluster and blow — it’s time for freshly fallen snow on your fingertips! Snow should be savored for its beauty and elegance, and now you can get the look in just a few simple steps!

Follow along as I show you how to give yourself a frosted snowy manicure, right at home!

  • Supplies 1 of 10

    Most of us have these simple items laying around the house, but never thought to combine them on our nails! For this manicure, you will need:

  • Measure Glitter 2 of 10

    Start by assembling your glitters of choice. I've found the best results come from using glitters that are very fine, because they don't look too rough or chunky once the top coat is applied.


    Measure equal amounts — approximately 1/2 teaspoon of each glitter — and combine in a small ramekin or bowl.


    Glitters Pictured: Martha Stewart in Crystal FineRecollections in Frost, and Recollections in Snow; prices vary

  • Mix 3 of 10

    Combine all glitter and stir until well-incorporated. A small spoon is helpful both for stirring, and it will also come in handy during the application step.

  • Apply Polish 4 of 10

    Make sure nails are trimmed to desired shape and are well-filed. Follow by applying one coat of base coat. Let dry for 5 minutes before applying color. Apply one coat of color, again, waiting 5 minutes to fully dry. 

  • Apply Glitter 5 of 10

    Apply a second coat of color, but while it's still wet, carefully spoon glitter over the entire surface of the nail bed. Make sure to keep your nail over the dish to avoid excess mess.

  • Remove Excess 6 of 10

    Gently tap the side of your finger to shake off any excess glitter. You may want to use a Q-tip or small makeup brush to remove glitter that is lingering on your skin.

  • Repeat 7 of 10

    Repeat this same process for all remaining nails:

    • Apply second coat of color
    • Spoon on glitter
    • Tap to remove excess
  • Apply Top Coat 8 of 10

    Once all nails are fully coated in glitter, gently press any loose glitter into the polish. Then apply 3 coats of high quality top coat — make sure you wait 5 minutes between each coat. 


    Top coat pictured: Formula X for Sephora, $10.50

  • Frosted Fingers 9 of 10

    There you have it — beautiful snowy  nails that glitter galore in any light!

  • To Review 10 of 10

    Here's a quick recap to review:

    • Mix glitters in a small dish
    • Apply base coat
    • Apply 1 coat of color (let dry)
    • Apply 2 coat of color — spoon on glitter while still wet
    • Tap off excess
    • Repeat on all nails
    • Apply 3 coats of high-quality top coat 

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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