Get the Haircut You Want: Tips and Terms for Better Consultations


The scenario: You have a clear vision of the perfect haircut in your head. You describe the look you want to your hairstylist and it seems as though he or she understands completely. Then about halfway through the cut you start to think something doesn’t seem right. By the end, you are sure that the style you will be leaving with is not the one you asked for.

Sound familiar?

As a hairstylist, I can assure this situation is awful for both parties. A simple miscommunication can often lead to frustration (or even tears) for the client and the stylist! Unfortunately, it is easy for the details to get lost in translation. I’ve seen more than one client struggle to convey what they want in a haircut and it doesn’t help that professionals have their own lingo.

Better consultations are the key to getting the haircut you want, and a basic understanding of haircutting terms is key to a good consultation. Below, I share my consultation “dos and don’ts” as well as an illustrated glossary of key terms. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments.

Here are my tips for the best possible consultation:

  • DO bring in photos. Start a Pinterest board or tear out a few pages from magazines and share the images with your stylist.
  • DON’T expect to look exactly like the photo. Choose inspiration shots of hair that is similar to your own and shoot for a vibe more than an exact hairstyle.
  • DO share a little bit about yourself, your personality, and your profession with your stylist. Are you conservative or adventurous? Does your job require a certain look?
  • DO discuss how much time you have to spend styling your hair. Can you expertly wield a round brush or are you more the wash-and-go type?
  • DO ask your stylist to recommend the products you’ll need to replicate the style and then follow the advice!
  • DO learn the terminology. It’s so important to have the correct vocabulary to convey what you want.

Click through the slideshow of helpful terms complete with definitions and illustrations.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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