Get the Look: New Year’s Eve Glitter Cat Eye Tutorial

The cat eye makeup look is definitely a favorite look of mine … and probably a million other women. Creating a cat eye is a much simpler task than the smokey eye and requires a lot less products, yet you will still be left with a seductive, smoldering night out look! This sparkling cat eye is different from the usual, since A) it’s designed for a night out, and B) it’s glittery  and therefore perfect for New Year’s! Of course when I think of New Year’s Eve, I’m reminded of sequins and the sparkling Times Square ball festivities so I went with a cat eye inspired by all this glitz and glam. Follow along with my steps below to get this dazzling look!

  • Holiday Sparkle Cat Eyes 1 of 10

    Follow these steps to achieve this glitter cat eye for your New Year's Eve parties!

  • Step 1: Outline 2 of 10

    Outline your upper lash line with liner to your desired length. Keep your line thinner in the inner half of your eyelid, and make it thicker as you go towards the outer end of your lid.

  • Step 2: Connect the Lines 3 of 10

    Connect the end of the liner to your lash line to create the tail end of you cat eye.

  • Step 3: Fill It in 4 of 10

    Fill in your cat eye!

  • Step 4: Add Extra Oomph 5 of 10

    Note: You could stop here and move to Step 6, but if you're feeling daring, trace the liner on you lower lash line ,stopping half-way across.

  • Step 5: Add a Wing 6 of 10

    If you choose to follow step 4, you have the option to add a wing to your lower lash line! From the center of you lower lash line, draw a straight line out, keeping parallel to the top liner. Make sure to keep a small space between the two lines.

  • Step 6: Doll up Your Waterline 7 of 10

    With a black liner (waterproof), line your waterline aka the inside part of your lash line. This will make the look sultry and dramatic.

  • Step 7: Clean up the Look 8 of 10

    Made a mess with your liner? Not a problem! Take a bit of your concealer and clean up those lines.

  • Step 8: The Fun Part! 9 of 10

    Take a glitter liner and trace over your cat eye, Glitter liners come in all colors so have fun with it!

    Some to try:

    Motives Cosmetics

    Urban Decay Cosmetics

    Sephora Glitter liner

  • Step 9: Finish with Mascara! 10 of 10

    Finish off with your favorite mascara and false lashes. 

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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