Mama’s Guide to Rockin’ The “Fresh From the Beach” Look

My hair may be short and cropped right now, but when I let the locks grow and go natural they land somewhere between curly and wavy — a purgatory that screams BEACHY WAVES OR BUST.

I have tried the mousses and the conditioners and the flat irons, but to be honest, nothing gives my hair the volume, hold, and shape quite like a dip in the Pacific Ocean. But taking a dip in the sea for a hairstyle is a little extreme considering a drive to the beach in Los Angeles can mean taking one’s own life into their hands on that crazy mess called the 405 freeway right now and let’s be honest, a day at the beach for these fair-skinned cheeks (see: blinding light and yes, I do mean both cheeks) means a day under an umbrella slathered in SPF90 unless I am choosing to be the lobster at dinner instead of ordering one. On the flip side, when I do make it to the shore, I want to ensure that I maximize the look for as long as possible.

So for a beachy look with or without the beach that is totally fishy-smell-free, skin-cancer free, and frizz-free — and BONUS POINTS — super low maintenance, allow me to introduce a few of my favorite products.

Bumble & Bumble’s Surf Spray, $26-$28, HERE.



The “Surf Spray” (pictured right) is by far my favorite, but the whole set isn’t a bad bargain at $28.

Kiehl’s Sun Free Self Tanning Formula, $22 HERE.

699290_fpx.tifYou’ll get a natural glow without the UV rays. Slather it on before a day at the office OR the beach. If you’re outside, spray over the top with a good SPF 30 or so.

FACIAL CLEANSING WIPES, $5-$35 (Yes To Carrots $5.99, available HERE)


Did you know facial wipes are good for more than just your face? They can freshen up your armpits (and other sweaty areas) too! They’ll keep your face fresh, just don’t forget to rinse after use and refresh your sunscreen before heading back out to catch some rays.

HYDRATING SPRAY, Fresh Rosewater Toner $35, HERE


Top it all off with a little hydrating spray and voila! A dip-less, sun-less hot mess beach day effect! (I’m also embarrassingly partial to the Evian moisturizing spray.)

SUNSCREEN! Kiss My Face for Kids and Adults, on sale for $13.99 HERE



BLOTTING PAPERS, Sephora Charcoal Blotting Papers $10.00, HERE


For the oily among us, no collection of summer essentials is complete without blotting paper. Sephora’s bamboo edition is crazy effective.

These are great products for low-maintenance days spent on or off the sand. When else can you get away with looking like you’ve just got back from vacation all the time? Three cheers for SUMMER TIME!!!

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