Glam Halloween Nails with Hex Nail Jewelry

Get your Halloween Nails on with these fun gold plated brass nail charms by Hex Nail Jewelry!

The best part about these nail jewels, besides being totally easy and totally fabulous, is that they are reusable! They’re not like your typical hit it and quit it nail decals — these lovelies are here to stay! Wear them on one accent nail, or get ghetto fabulous and add a nail jewel to every nail. When you’re ready for a new look, pop ’em off, remove the residual residue, and store with the rest of your jewels!

Get more ideas from the Hex Nail Tumblr Page, and check out all the fun and creative ways you can incorporate them into your nail art designs. Here’s how I used them…

  • Create Glam Halloween Nails 1 of 17

    I love these little gold nail jewels for everyday use, but for Halloween, they're super fun! Flip through the images to see my favorite Hex Nail Jewels. They have SO many options and are really easy to use!


    Check out my Glam Halloween Manicure with spider web accents on my thumbs!

  • Spooky Spiders 2 of 17

    These are the spooky spiders I used for my Halloween manicure. The size is perfect for long or short nails.


    Shop | Spider No.1 $1.75

  • Tarantula 3 of 17

    This spider's a bit bigger. Great for long nails and thumbs.


    Shop | Spider No.2 $1.75

  • Creepy Skull 4 of 17

    Don't like spiders? Try a creepy skull for your Halloween nails, or mix a few together in one look.


    Shop | Skull $1.75

  • Serpent 5 of 17

    Snakes are chic right now, and not just for Halloween. But it would be a fun addition to any Cleopatra costume.


    Shop | Small Serpent $1.50

  • Sheild 6 of 17

    I LOVE this new addition to the Hex Nail Jewels. It's like a superhero costume for your nails. Super cool.


    Shop | Half Body Nail Shield $2.25

  • Swooped Edge 7 of 17

    Another new addition, this swooped edge looks like a gold French Tip and I love it!


    Shop | Side Nail Shield $2.25

  • I Heart NY 8 of 17

    They have fun and sassy sayings, too. Show your state love with this I <3 NY nail jewel ($1.75).

  • Go Colts! 9 of 17

    This horseshoe nail jewel would be perfect for your Football Season Mani if you're a Colts Fan!


    Shop | Large Horseshoe $1.75

  • Trendy Diamond 10 of 17

    Go trendy with this diamond nail jewel. Add it to one nail for a fun accent or get gaudy and put one on every nail!


    Shop | Diamond $1.75

  • Little Butterfly 11 of 17

    I like this little butterfly. Though they have larger options too, I like it as a tip rather than taking up the entire nail.


    Shop | Butterfly No. 4 $1.75

  • Who Who? 12 of 17

    Any owl fan or collector will love this one. Check out their Critters page for more woodsy options.


    Shop | Owl No.1 $1.75

  • Doe a Deer 13 of 17

    This is another cute woodsy favorite!


    Shop | Doe $1.75

  • Pegasus 14 of 17

    Go super '80s with this fun Pegasus nail jewel. They have a few different sizes, and Unicorns too!


    Shop | Pegasus No.2 $1.75

  • Four of Hearts 15 of 17

    This four hearts nail jewel reminds me so much of the '80s I can't even tell you! I think my cousin had a similar nail jewel back then, and suddenly it's all so new again.


    Shop | Four of Hearts $1.50

  • Pretty Bow 16 of 17

    Tie it up with a gold bow! They have three different sized and shaped bows.


    Shop | Gold Bow No.2 $1.75

  • But It’s Halloween! 17 of 17

    So go for the spooooky Hex Nail Jewels now!


    Check out my Glam Halloween Manicure & tutorial with spider web accents on my thumbs!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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