Gold Rush: Metallic Gold Nails, A Love Story

I was at a wedding in New York last month, sporting my OPI Honey Ryder Bond Girl textured mani and feeling pretty darn spiffy in my black tie playsuit when I spotted them. My friend Emily had far out-cooled me. Her Pink Flamingo printed dress was complimented by the best accessory in the place — METALLIC. GOLD. NAILS.  (Ahem, that is, the best except for everything the bride wore, because OBVIOUSLY)

I mean, I’d seen such a thing on Pinterest, but in real life? NEVER. I had to have them for myself. Emily played coy and claimed not to know the brand name on her polish bottle (I’m still not buying it, Emily…), but it set me off in search of a gold-plated manicure of my very own. This is my story.

  • Let Me Take You On A Journey Through Gold Nailpolish 1 of 7

    What? Why can't I take nail polish photos wrestling a plastic dinosaur?

  • It Started With Glitzerland 2 of 7

    In the fall of 2010, I discovered a bottle of OPI's "Glitzerland" on the racks at my local manicurist. For the first time, I saw gold nail polish as something other than what the ladies in my grandma's bridge club might wear. I purchased my own bottle the very next day. ($8,


    [Image via All Laquered Up, + review HERE]

  • Fools Gold 3 of 7

    China Glaze's Midnight Kiss got me a little closer to the sparkle-free finish I was looking for, but in my gut, I knew there was something better out there for me to gold up my nails with.


    [Image via All Laquered Up + review HERE]

  • Good As Gold 4 of 7
    Essie Good As Gold

    Essie's "Good As Gold" got me out of the shimmer, but lacked the shine I wanted. ($8,


    [Image via Nailed Blog -- read her review HERE]

  • Some Like It Rough 5 of 7

    Honey Ryder, my black-tie wedding attire, was a more roughed up look. ($9,


    [Image via The Daily Varnish -- check out their review of the textured polish HERE.]

  • Gold Medal 6 of 7

    Finally, my salvation came to my front door direct from England in the form of Nail Rock's Metallic Gold Wraps ($5-8 per pack of 16). Holy heaven, they are phenomenal. (Yes, that's my hand in the picture sporting three day old wraps.) They're harder to apply than the Sally Hansen and Kiss versions I'd tried (as you can see from the crinkles I've got) but hey, they're metallic gold, and I can tell from the nails that came out perfectly that it's just going to take a little practice to get these bad boys to really sing.

  • Mine ALL Mine. 7 of 7
    photo 2

    How do you take a picture of your nails and look normal? Not like this. But I was very excited to show off my nails (and newly platinum dye job) to Instagram. Look how shiny they are! Once I perfect these wraps, I'll do a how-to. I'm not there yet — I've still got crinkle.


    Plus, I've gotten tons of compliments on them. And I really enjoy compliments.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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