Hair Color Makeover: How to Embrace Going Lighter

Having been a hairstylist for the past 10 years, I saw many clients ask for lighter locks around the summertime. It must be something about the sunshine and warmer weather than tempts us to lighten up our hair.

If it wasn’t summer, any client who was looking to change up their hair with something fresh would typically go lighter instead of darker. Sometimes I would do a face framing highlight, and sometimes I would lighten their entire base. Either way, there’s something fresh and fun about lightening up your hair.

With lightening, however, there are a few “consequences” that you must keep in mind. I’m not saying these happen all the time, but they may happen more often than not. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

1. Lightening hair is oftentimes, but not always, more damaging than going darker. The peroxide used to remove color from the hair shaft does a little bit more “work” to the hair than haircolor that simply darkens. So, you may notice a few more split ends. You hair should not, however, feel like straw. That is a sign of being over-processed.

2. If you have fair skin, you may feel like you look like you are “one color.” I always kick up the blush and bronzer after I highlight to help balance out the paleness of my skin and the paleness of my hair.

3. If you have dark hair, your new growth is going to need more maintenance. Going lighter, whether it’s highlights or full color, will mean a few more retouches than usual if your hair is more than two shades darker than the new lighter color. Talk to your stylist about what kind of maintanence you are interested in, and then you can decide how light to go.

4. You may miss some shine. If your stylist uses lightening to brighten your locks, you may notice that your hair isn’t as shiny. There are other hair coloring options that keep the shine better than lightener, but nothing gives you the brightness of lightener.

5. You may be subject to more blonde jokes. Be prepared!

Overall, I think it’s fun to change up your hair color every once in awhile. And going lighter can be a great way to help freshen up your hair without cutting it.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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