Hair Smoothing Products: Is Oil or Cream Better?

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If you are in the market for a new hair smoothing product, you may find that there are literally hundreds to choose from. With such a huge varitey in forumlations and product “claims,” it can be hard to decipher what is right for your hair type.

The best way to figure out what products are going to work for you is to pay attention to your hairstylist. See what he/she grabs when styling your hair. Ask why that product was the product of choice for you. See how your hair feels throughout the day after using it.

Specifically, when shopping for a smoothing product, here are some tips to help you differentiate between all of them.

1. Oil-based hair smoothing products tend to be lighter and silkier and leave your hair very soft.

2. Cream-based hair smoothing products are most effective with frizz or dry hair, and can “straighten” hair more effectively than some oil-based products. Since the cream is thicker and heavier, it will be more successful in “holding down the frizz”. This, however, could mean a heavier feeling afterwards.

3. Liquid-based, which is usually seen in the form of a very watered-down cream, will be most effective on dry hair without adding weight that a heavy cream would. Oftentimes these products come in a spray bottle. Focus on your mid-shaft and ends when using it.

But most of all, no matter what product you decide to pick up and try, make sure you look into the return policy. I’ve often found that even after a few days of use, some stores will take back products you don’t like. I’m glad about that since my bathroom cabinet would otherwise be overflowing with products!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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