The Hairstyle That Lasts for Days: How to Create the Three Strand Twist Out

When I first heard about this hairstyle, I was utterly confused — three strand twists? You mean braids, right?

Once I wrapped my head around it (pun intended), I discovered the name is very self-explanatory. It’s very similar to the more basic two strand twists (also called simply twists or plaits). The difference, as you probably guessed, is that you are twisting three individual pieces of hair, creating one three strand twist. You can follow this 3-Strand Twist Video Tutorial.

It’s fairly simple to do if you have minimal braiding and twisting skills (and I do mean minimal). The biggest challenge is keeping the individual strands separated while you twist. Like any styling technique, practice makes perfect.  Once I got the hang of it, I had my whole head styled with the twists within a hour.  Add an additional 30-60 mins for drying time under a hooded dryer. Although a hour and a half may seem long to some, it’s well worth the time spent — this style will last five days or more. I’ve done this style twice, and already it’s a fan favorite.

Follow my simple steps below or watch a step-by-step video tutorial on how to create the three strand twist out, here.

I’ve included some step-by-step pictures for you below.

  • My New Favorite Hairstyle: Three Strand Twists 1 of 6

    Three strand twists are not to be confused with braids. They are twists done with three pieces of hair. 

  • Let Your Twists Set 2 of 6

    Once you're all done with your twists, they will look like this. It's three individual pieces of hair that intertwine around each other.  I wore my hair twisted for one day to ensure it was completely dry.  

  • Release Your Three Strand Twists 3 of 6

    Releasing your twists creates individual spiral curls that will result in a sleek look. 

  • A Closer Look 4 of 6

    Here's a closer look at the curls after your twist are taken down.

  • Finished Product 5 of 6
    Natural Hairstyle: 3-Strand Twists

    This style will last five days or more if you moisturize daily and re-twist.

  • More of the Final Look 6 of 6

    I absolutely love my twist! 

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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