Quick and Easy Heart-Shaped Manicure DIY

I’ve been loving the different heart-shaped nail art that’s been popping up around Valentine’s Day, but I never actually thought I’d have the patience to sit down and give myself a love-themed manicure of my very own. Luckily, I have a very persistent four-year-old who really, really wanted a heart-shaped manicure. She totally didn’t have the patience for it, as it turned out, but it was so surprisingly easy that I did — and I love the result.

To get started, grab your favorite pink or red polish, some scrap paper, washi tape, and a sharp set of scissors. I also used a clear base coat and a white polish with one of my daughter’s skinniest paint brushes.

  • Heart-to-Heart 1 of 9

    I had so much fun with these, and they were insanely quick and easy to do. If you've got 20 minutes, you've got Valentine-themed nails!

  • What Doesn’t Start With Washi Tape? 2 of 9

    I grabbed a scrap of paper (because it's good to recycle) and put a small piece of washi tape on it. Fold the paper in half on the washi tape, and cut a heart out, paper-doll-style.

  • Snip Snip 3 of 9

    See? A heart. Easy-peasy. Once you've cut your stencil, the washi tape should peel right up.

  • Stencil On 4 of 9

    Because pointy nails are so on trend, I figured I'd flip my hearts so that the pointy end was at the tip. After the first nail, I realized that the look works best when you align the pointed end of the heart with the tip of your nail.

  • Pick Your Poison 5 of 9

    I went with natural nails (I did a clear coat) and hearts of OPI's Red Hot Rio, but you could mix and match any shades that tickle your fancy.

  • And Repeat 6 of 9

    Don't worry about the washi tape sticking down completely, but do make sure you use a really thin coat of polish to avoid running or globbiness. Carefully follow the pattern - a few coats are needed to get a rich color.

  • Slowly, but Surely 7 of 9

    Despite the multiple coats, this tutorial is actually quicker and easier than a regular mani, because the stencil does most of the work for you!

  • Voila! 8 of 9

    Quick, easy and adorable! 

  • Optional: Spice It Up! 9 of 9

    I decided to dress mine up with some glitter polish and Cupid's tiny arrow (you'll need a precision brush for that -- I stole one from my daughter's art box). I kind wish I hadn't added glitter -- it may have been over-kill. Ah well, the choice is yours -- happy Valentine's Day!


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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