9 Holiday Party Embellishments For Short Hair

Let’s face it — when your hair barely grazes your ears, getting creative with your styles can start to feel challenging. But we ladies of the crop want our coiffures to sparkle with holiday spirit, too, which is why I felt compelled to put together a round-up of all the ways you can add a little something special to your look while still rocking your best twiggy. (And sure … long-haired ladies, there’s no reason you can’t use these ideas in your fabulous updos, too. Just don’t rub it in too much.)

  • ‘Tis The Season 1 of 10

    Sometimes going from low-maintenance to high glamour requires a little creativity.


    [Anne Hathaway via Pacific Coast News]

  • Princess You 2 of 10

    Jessie Jay rocks her super short crop, and how great would she look topped off with a bohemian tiara a'la Neverending Story?


    $55.00 via Etsy


    [Jessie J via Pacific Coast News]

  • Call of the Wild 3 of 10

    These short feather extensions are the perfect accessory for a razored crop like Ginnifer Goodwin's been known to sport.


    Available HERE for $6.90


    [Ginnifer Goodwin via Pacific Coast News]

  • Birds of a Feather 4 of 10

    For short styles that are long in front, use embellished combs to create a bouffant look. Consider it an up-do for your bangs.


    $35.00 available HERE.

  • Go Gatsby 5 of 10

    A simple headpiece gives your side-swept crop a Gatsby vibe.


    $15.99 via Etsy.


    [Anne Hathaway via Pacific Coast News]

  • Star Light Star Bright 6 of 10

    A great way to keep back your growing fringe (if you're me) after you make an error in at-home-trimming judgement.


     $300 via Etsy


    [Halle Berry via Pacific Coast News]

  • When All Else Fails: Glitter 7 of 10

    If you're spikey like Charlize, accent your locks with some gold shimmer.


    Available for $16.00 HERE.


    [Charlize Theron via Pacific Coast News]

  • Slickster 8 of 10

    Emma Watson dominates the slicked back look, but if you're hair is a little unruly (as mine is), you may want to invest in some stunner hair pins to keep the look intact.


    $45.00 for the set, via Etsy


    [Emma Watson via Pacific Coast News]

  • Subtler Than A Tiara 9 of 10

    Kris's shaggy look easily goes glam with a slim jeweled headband.


    $50.00 via Etsy.


    [Kris Jenner via Pacific Coast News]

  • Sometimes Red Lipstick is All You Need 10 of 10

    A dramatic lash doesn't hurt either. Not that I usually look to Miley as a role model, but I think we can all admit she looks fierce here.


    [Miley Cyrus via Pacific Coast News]


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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