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As a follow-up to my cuticle care post and the holiday moonicure DIY, where I talk about gel manicures, I thought I would share a few natural ways for keeping your nails strong and healthy.

As I’ve said before, I’m a nail biter. In fact, I started biting my nails at age seven. So as you can imagine, it’s been quite a tough habit to break. I’ve tried everything, including those bad tasting polishes that are made to repel the biter from gnawing away. The only thing that did was test my will to bite, and after a while, the bitter taste did not stop me. And when I was in art school and painted portraits more often, the need for pretty nails was not a priority — not when your fingers are full of oils and turpenoid, which also contributed to weakening my nails.

As of late, with all the traveling and work meetings, I needed try a lot harder to combat this nail biting issue instead of running to the salon as a solution. It’s not always time and cost effective. The only thing that prevents me from biting my nails is “prettying” them up after they’ve grown out from under the gel manicure’s “protective coating.” The problem is that once you remove the layers of gel or acrylic, your nails are brittle and weak. Of course, I really just need to find other ways of relaxing. That’s the overall root to nail biting, but that wouldn’t make this a beauty post.

I’ve been staying away from the nail biting (the saliva makes your nails weak) and using garlic to strengthen my nails. So far, I’ve been enjoying the progress. It’s a beauty tip passed down from my grandmother, who kept urging me to stop the nail biting. I put minced garlic in my clear nail polish and use it during the week when working. To remove the odor, you can add a bit of lemon to your hand soap.

If you’d like to make your nails stronger and would like to find a recipe or products that will work for you, here are 5 great sites with a ton of ideas you can try!

From milk and honey to tomato juice, there are lots of great ideas here!

Flax seed or egg yolk, you can find a nail soak to fit your needs.

Just in time for the holidays, you can even try myrrh and frankincense for stronger nails. Who knew?

And we all know that beauty starts from within beginning with what you eat!

Want to go the product route? Here are a few ideas for strengthening your nails with a visit to your local drugstore.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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