How to Achieve the Perfect Summer Highlights

In general, there has been a leaning toward more natural, believable hair color in recent years. Gone are the days of bleached-out blonde highlights that are too far of a contrast from your natural color.

Jennifer Aniston is a great example of someone whose hair has a beautiful, natural-looking highlight that complements her base color. It’s brighter and lighter around the face and isn’t too far of a stretch from her original color.

This hair color style is the perfect way to get natural-looking summer highlights.

If you are interested in getting a similar look with your hair, here are some tips on what to ask your stylist for at the appointment.

1. First, I never think it’s bad to bring in a photo of what you like. Stylists are visual people, so it helps us to get an idea of what you (the client) like and are drawn to. As long as you realize you won’t look identical to the celebrity, it gives us a great starting point.

2. Mention that you want to look sun-kissed. You only want highlights in the area that the sun would naturally hit your hair.

3. See if your stylist can vary the size of highlights she chooses. Maybe add a few thin highlights among slightly chunkier ones.

4. Ask if your stylist is comfortable doing balayage, a French technique of painting color on the hair to look really natural. You won’t have a straight line of new growth — instead you’ll have just a soft, natural-looking new growth section.

5. Tell your stylist you want to be able to go a little longer than usual between highlights. If your stylist knows you are trying to stretch it, he/she may automatically go a little lighter than usual with the highlight.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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