Beat the Flu with These Beauty and Self-Care Tips

Beauty: How to beat the cold and flu with simple beauty and self care tips: Babble.comHas it already started at your house? The slightest stuffy nose? The tickles in the back of the throat? Your small people coming home from school to say they “aren’t ‘feeling so good, Mommy”?

In my world, it seems to happen with the onset of school. And then it doubles as we head into cooler weather. There is just something about the immune systems in my family that leaves us struggling through a better part of the winter months. And that leaves me begging for ways to circumvent the entire cold and flu season … with just about anything.

Honestly, once it hits one member of our family, it is sure to spread in just a matter of days. ┬áNaturally, I can’t buy an “Advance to Spring, Do Not Pass Go” pass (though I would if I could). Instead I’ve been seeking out the best ways to keep my crew healthy (and yours too!) from the inside out. ┬áI wanted to truly start with the ways we can take care of ourselves to help keep the sicknesses away before they settle in to make our homes THEIR homes for the winter.

Here’s what I found:

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Are there other ways you beat colds and the flu before they beat you? I’d love to know!

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