How To Create Chalkboard Floral Nail Art

I’m a big fan of chalkboard art. There is something magical about the swirling letters, banners, and decorative elements drawn in such an impermanent medium. The soft but still graphic style of white chalk on black is so pretty and distinctive. In this nail art tutorial, I show you how to emulate a chalkboard look on your nails. I chose a floral motif to incorporate the hot floral trend with the black and white trend. Of  course, you can doodle anything you like on your “chalkboard.” I love to draw and this nail art design was really fun to create. There are only seven steps to follow and the process is much easier than it looks. The whole manicure took less than an hour to complete, including ample drying time. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Click through the slideshow below for step-by-step instructions to create chalkboard floral nail art.

  • How to Create Chalkboard Floral Nail Art 1 of 10
  • Gather Materials 2 of 10

    For this nail art design, you will need:
    Nail Polish Remover
    Cotton balls or pads
    Base Coat (I used Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat.)
    Matte Black Nail Polish (I used OPI Gwen Stefani Nail Lacquer in 4 In The Morning.)
    White Nail Art Pen (I used Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pen in Pearly White.)
    Orangewood stick
    Matte Top Coat (I used Nail Tech Hydration Therapy Moisture Balancing Topcoat Matte.)

  • Prep Nails 3 of 10

    After filing nails and pushing back cuticles, apply a nice hand cream. Then wipe each nail with nail polish remover using a cotton ball or pad to remove excess oils.

  • Apply Base Coat 4 of 10

    Apply your base coat to all nails.

  • Create Your Chalkboard 5 of 10

    Paint two coats of your matte black polish onto all nails. Wait for these to dry completely.

  • Doodle 6 of 10

    On paper, draw a bunch of small designs to recreate on your nails or use my doodles as reference.

  • Decorate Your Nails 7 of 10

    Using a white nail art pen, freehand doodle your "chalk" designs. You may wish to go over some areas twice to build up the white. Don't go to crazy though, seeing some of the black through the design is what makes it look like chalk.

  • Clean Up 8 of 10

    Wrap a small bit of cotton around the end of a damp cottonwood stick and dip it in nail polish remover to clean up and mistakes.

  • Apply Topcoat 9 of 10

    Finish each nail with a layer of matte topcoat. If you don't have matte topcoat, you can create your own by adding cornstarch to regular topcoat.

  • Enjoy! 10 of 10

    Here are the completed nails. Pretty, right?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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