How to Create the Ultimate DIY Nail Art Gift Set

Since I’m a DIY-er at heart, the idea of pulling together and creating my own special nail art gift set for a friend sounds super creative, fun, unique, thoughtful, and surprisingly affordable. While nail art sets for the holidays are fabulous and easy go-to gifts, they can get pricey and don’t always include all the fun stuff a nail art enthusiast would really enjoy. I’ve rounded up everything you might want to include to create the ultimate nail art gift set with products I’ve used on my own, nail art designs, and links to find the products. Amazon has amazing prices on fun nail art accessories, but you can also go to your local drugstore or Target to find similar items. Below are the key items you’ll need to create the ultimate nail art gift set for the holidays.

  • What You’ll Need to Make the Ultimate Nail Art Gift Set 1 of 16

    Everything you'll need to include in the ultimate nail art gift set for around (or even well under) $30

  • For a little inspiration… 2 of 16

    While a book isn't absolutely necessary since there are so many great online resources for nail art inspiration, and including it immediately makes the price jump from under $30 to over $40, it's still a fun item to include in a nail art gift set. 


    DIY Nail Art: Easy, Step-by-Step Instructions for 75 Creative Nail Art Designs $12.81 at Amazon


    TIP: Find your favorite nail art tutorials online, print out your favorites, and DIY a little book of your own!

  • Lacquers and Polishes… 3 of 16

    Begin by including your favorite nail polish colors. Grab a few neutrals, a few classics like red and black, a few bright colors for pop, and a glitter polish for festivity. If you want to keep the price down, opt for Sinful Colors because they're only $1.99 a polish.


    Sinful Colors Nail Polish $1.99 each at your local drugstore or find Sinful Colors at Walgreens online


    See my Sinful Colors Polish vs Chanel Lacquer test and review here... Sinful WON by a landslide!

  • Pretty Nail Files… 4 of 16

    Even your local drugstore has pretty nail files ... toss in a few for fun!


    Glitter Nail File 2-pack $4.95 at Nordstrom

  • Nail Art Brushes… 5 of 16

    I have this set of nail art brushes and they work fabulously. At this price you could literally throw one away each time you use it, though that wouldn't be very environmentally friendly. Check out how I use my nail art brushes in these two nail art tutorials: DIY Cherry Blossom Nails AND DIY Brushed Ombre Nails.


    15pcs Nail Art Painting Pen Brush $1.84 at Amazon

  • Colorful Rhinestones… 6 of 16

    I LOVE these itty bitty nail art rhinestones and have used them so many times; I can vouch for their ability to stay on by sticking to wet polish and finishing with a top coat. They certainly add GLAM to your nails. Plus, check out that price! Find a few of my favorite rhinestone encrusted nail art tutorials here: Bejeweled Teal Nails AND Jewel Tones Manicure.


    MASH Rhinestones 2400 Piece 12 Color Nail Art Nail art Manicure Wheels $1.20 at Amazon

  • Pretty Little Pearls 7 of 16

    Just like rhinestones, these pretty colored half-pearls make for super cute manicures.


    EVERMARKET 6 Colors Nail Art Nail art Half Round Pearl Beads $1.30 at Amazon

  • Cool Metals 8 of 16

    Add a little edge with gold and silver metal shapes. For these prices, you can include one, two, or five different shapes (and keep a few for yourself)


    3d Metal Alloy Gold Silver Nail Art Tips Design Decorations from $0.45 to $1.48 at Amazon

  • Nail Art Tweezers 9 of 16

    I have these nail art tweezers and they make picking up even the slipperiest rhinestone and setting it a cinch.


    Nail Art Tweezer for Rhinestones $1.04 at Amazon

  • Textures 10 of 16

    Caviar nails are just a fun way to add a textured accent nail or texture to just your tips. This super affordable bunch makes your gift set POP with color!


    Caviar Nail Art $1.23 at Amazon

  • Nail Art Tape… 11 of 16

    Nail tape is a fun way to create cool geometric shapes and lines. From candy cane stripes for Christmas to nautical stripes in the summer, there's a ton of options. 


    Nail Tape Stripe Decoration Sticker Hologram Set of 10 $0.87

  • Dotting Tools 12 of 16

    Nail art dotting tools make so many designs easy to do. These pretty colored ones in different sizes are perfect for a gift.


    WAWO 5 X 2 Way Marbleizing Dotting Pen Set $2.96 at Amazon

  • The Best Top Coat Ever… 13 of 16

    This is BY FAR the best top coat on the planet. I never use glue for any of my nail art accessories as long as I set them on wet polish and secure them with a Seche Vite top coat. Pick one up for yourself too!


    Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat $4.85 at Amazon

  • The Finishing Touch… 14 of 16

     Don't forget some precision Q-tips, your favorite hand cream, and even nail polish remover or pads just to complete your set.



    Photo: DIY Textured Nails

  • Box it Up Pretty 15 of 16

    Find a basket or box to toss everything into and/or to display it for presentation purposes. These jewelry boxes are a little more expensive, and while a simple basket or cute bag would work, it's a nice gift in addition to all the nail art goodies and a place to store them all.


    Thresholdâ„¢ Jewelry Boxes $12.99 - $29.99 at Target

  • If You’re out of Time… 16 of 16

    Skip it all and choose a ready-made nail art gift set from: 25 Fabulously Chic Holiday Nail Sets to Give or to Get!

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