How To Cut Your Own Flirty Bangs

Seasons are changing and so should your mane! It’s normal to get in a hair rut at one time or another, but chopping it all off isn’t always the answer. So what’s a quick fix to feel zazzy again? Cut some bangs! I just so happened to learn the right way to cut bangs from a professional. Yes, my very own sister knows a thing or two when it comes to cutting hair — she’s a talented hairdresser! She’s also the model in the slideshow!

Cutting new fringe is a fantastic way to switch up any hairstyle without doing anything too drastic. Besides, bangs just so happen to be one of this season’s hottest trends for hair!

  • Section Into Three Pieces 1 of 11

    Okay, lets do this! Start by determining desired thickness and depth of bangs, then section hair into three sections. The middle section will be the bulk of the bangs and two outer sections will be cut to frame the face.


    Tip: Should you want a thicker, bolder bang, start the section further back on your head. Wispier bangs would begin closer to your hairline.

  • Determine Desired Length 2 of 11

    Take the middle section and decide desired length. It is better to play it safe and start longer than you think. You can always cut more hair off, but you can't glue it back on! 

  • First Cut 3 of 11

    Distribute middle section of hair evenly in wide teeth of a comb. Slightly elevate away from your face so you can see the line and cut straight across.  If the first cut is too long, no fear, just try again until you get it just where you want it!


    Tip: Standing close to a mirror will help you see your bangs clearly from both sides. 

  • Second Cut 4 of 11

    After base length is cut in, go back with your scissors and cut vertical snips to soften the line. When finished, the line will no longer be blunt and will almost look like mini zig-zags. 

  • Third Cut 5 of 11

    Take the two remaining outer sections and cut at a downward diagonal angle. Be sure to use the hair from the middle section as a guide. This will help to frame your face as well as blend bangs into the rest of your hair.

  • Soften Angle 6 of 11

    Soften angles of the outer two sections with vertical snips. Again, remember the zigzag technique will result in a more natural look.

  • Review 7 of 11

    Comb fringe into place, step back, and take a look! Make sure your sides are even and the arch of the bang is balanced. Sometimes this is hard to do yourself, so you can always ask a friend for some honest feedback. Or if you are doing this for a secret reveal, you can always take a selfie of the front and sides to get a better visual of where things might need a little tweaking! Don't be afraid to go back and take a little more length off or do more softening.

  • Thin If Needed 8 of 11

    Adding texture to the hair and thinning out pieces is optional, but highly recommended! Use texturizing shears to thin out bulky pieces by cutting hair at an angle.


    Yes, these guys look scary; but don't be worried, they only cut every few hairs, allowing fringe to lay smoother. Always remove bulk at a diagonal or vertical angle to avoid faint shelves in hair. 

  • Style 9 of 11

    Once fringe is even, balanced, and textured, play with it for desired style. You can comb fringe straight down for a sleeker look, or pinch pieces and separate for a more fun, playful look!

  • Voila 10 of 11

    Bam! There you have it — your very own do-it-at-home flirty fringe! 

  • Change It Up 11 of 11

    If you don't want to commit to the straight across bang or you get bored easily, you can also push bangs to the side for a fun new look! Get creative and have fun with it! 


    Now how easy was that? Anyone can cut their own bangs — the great thing is, you are the one in control of how they look! 


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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