How to Grow Out a Fringe Without Hating Every Step

PicMonkey Collage The full bang really made a comeback in the last year or so.

And a lot of my clients, as well as celebrities, decided to take the plunge and rock a full bang.

I love the look … on the right person. Not everyone can quite pull them off, but the women who can look great in them!

But there comes a time in every hair trend that leads to the growing out process. People are starting to move on from a heavy bang to more of a longer, wispier side bang. And some are growing them out completely.

There are a few simple steps to take when growing out your bangs to help get through the process without hating your hair!

1. Still continue to get regular bang trims. Even if your ends are just being point cut to freshen them up, it’s important to keep your bangs looking healthy. (“Point cutting” is a method of cutting where small diagonal snips are made at the ends — imagine trying to cut little triangles out of your hair — for a softer look than a blunt cut.)

2. Start moving your part a little bit to one side. Moving your part over to the right or left can help guide your bangs into a “side bang”.

3. Consider having your bangs texturized. Texturizing shears reduce bulk and add a little “airy-ness” to your hair. This can help them from feeling flat.

4. Once they are hitting your cheekbones, start to have them cut on an angle so they get out of your eyes. Even if you have to take a little length off, it’s helpful to make sure they are wearable.

5. Use a little dry shampoo and texture powder to give your bangs some hold. The goal is to get them off your face, and certain products will help with that!

Hopefully these tips will help you grow out your fringe without hating every step!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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