How to Make Your Lips Look Larger

Some of us have been blessed with luscious, large lips. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. But for every flaw there is a fix — with a little shadow, lipstick, and gloss you can make magic happen to make lips look larger!

Follow all steps for the ultimate pucker-upper!



  • Pucker Up Your Pout 1 of 9

    Let's get plumping! 

  • Highlight 2 of 9

    Apply a light or highlighting concealer above your top lip to highlight the Cupid's bow (where your lips make a "v") and the remainder of your upper lip line. Slightly blend with your pointer finger to smooth. Highlighting the top of your lips will automatically make your upper lip look larger because the light will reflect off of it, causing it to appear fuller. 

  • Add White Shadow 3 of 9

    Add a white shadow with a hint of gleam to your upper lip where you put your highlighting concealer. This will make it stand out even more. Once again, light colors reflect light and make features stand out or appear larger  so by adding more light above your lip, you are only accentuating it even more … which in my case, is not a bad thing! 

  • Contour 4 of 9

    Now that you've highlighted your upper lip, it's time to get your contour on under your bottom lip. Use a matte bronzer or matte brown shadow that compliments your skin tone to contour underneath your bottom lip. 

  • Apply Under Lower Lip 5 of 9

    Using a flat eyeshadow brush apply the matte bronzer or shadow in the center of your lower lip line. 

  • Blend Brown Shadow 6 of 9

    Using your brush or finger, blend the line out so you only see a subtle shadow. This contour or shadow will create a plumper effect to your lower lip. 

  • Line Lips 7 of 9

    Everyone has a natural light outline directly outside of their lip line this is the line you can apply your lip liner directly over to make your lips appear larger without looking like a clown! Using your lip liner, outline your lips using that soft white line as a guide.


    Tip: If your lower lip is larger than your upper lip and you want to balance them out, you can apply your lip liner to your  natural lip outline on your lower lip, and apply the liner slightly outside your natural lip line on the white line on your upper lip. 

  • Apply Lipstick 8 of 9

    When choosing a lipstick remember light colors bring out by reflecting light making lips look larger and dark colors recede, making lips look smaller. Either way, your lips will look larger with these tips. A darker lipstick will make your lips stand out more, but a lighter color will make them appear fuller. Apply your favorite lipstick as you normally would, although make sure to apply it over the top of your lip liner.



  • Add Gloss 9 of 9

    For the frosting on the cake, apply a clear gloss or one that's similar to your favorite lipstick on top of your lips. Depending on what feature you want to enhance, you can apply the gloss differently. Apply in the center of your bottom lip for a more pouty look, apply it in the center of your top lip to make that appear larger, or apply gloss over your entire lips for an over-all juicy and plump lip effect. 

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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