How to Repair Broken Powder

How annoying is it when your powder breaks? There’s still plenty of product in that compact, but it becomes totally unusable and makes a huge mess. I’m here to share a super easy way to fix that powder or eyeshadow so you can stop wasting money on product you already have! You’re going to need your broken powder or eyeshadow, some alcohol, a plastic bag, a paper towel, and something flat to press your new powder with (I’ve used the end of my mascara).

This is so easy, you seriously can’t mess it up!

  • Crush it 1 of 7

    Now you want to crush the powder as fine as you can get it.

  • Put powder back in case 2 of 7

    Now that the powder is super fine, you can put it back into your compact. I cleaned and sanitized my compact before putting the powder back into it.

  • Alcohol 3 of 7

    Next you're going to take some alcohol — I've just eyeballed it here. You're making a paste, so it really depends on how much powder you have. Start with a little bit and keep adding as needed.

  • Pre paste 4 of 7

    Here's what it looked like right after I added my alcohol.

  • Mix it up 5 of 7

    This is where you're going to mix it into a paste. Chances are you're going to make a tiny mess, but be as light handed as you can as to not waste any powder.

  • Pack it 6 of 7

    Let it dry for ONE HOUR before doing this step. You're going to take a paper towel and press it into the powder using something flat. This is going to give it a nice flat shape and soak up any extra alcohol. Then let it continue drying overnight.

  • Finished! 7 of 7

    It might not look as pretty when it was originally pressed, but my bronzer is now useable, so I don't really care what it looks like! It works great, and I just saved myself $20!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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