I Believe: The Power Of The Pixie Cut

I debated for a long time. I’d had a run in with the pixie cut in college: youthful, cheek-fat still intact, and it did not become me. Still, as I pored over photos of Mia Farrow and Michelle Williams I felt like this time, it would be different. I felt like this time maybe it would be all I hoped it would be. I felt like cropping my coiffure was going to be the answer to my bed-headed prayers, and somehow I found the confidence to believe that I wasn’t going to look like I had Mom hair, even though I am a Mom…but you know what I mean.

It’s actually not as easy as you might think to find a stylist willing to chop your locks to within an inch of your scalp. I was told no,  or gently talked out of it at least a couple of times. And then I was given the half-chop at least twice. On two different occasions, two different stylists agreed to pixie me only to leave me high and dry in their chair with a short bob or an a-line.

Finally, I called the closest salon to my house and blindly asked for an appointment with “someone who really loves doing pixie cuts.”  Even still, Vanessa seemed surprised when I arrived and she discovered that I did not in fact have a pixie cut already. But she’s a woman of her word, and together we went for it. In the beginning we left a security fringe in the front — a long bit that kept me from feeling totally exposed, but by my first maintenance appointment I was ready to lose the bangs and go full-pixie.

I had no idea it would be so liberating. It turns out I am a short hair person. Like, all of a sudden I’m at home in my skin in a way I never was pre-pixie. I worried about feeling a little man-ish without my curls, but I’ve actually never felt more feminine. It’s not a lower-maintenance look per se (it requires product, has a tendency to stick up in the back like a chicken butt if you sleep on it wrong, and your average pixie requires monthly visits to the stylist to keep its shape) but it is a look that fits me better than anything I’ve tried out before, in my own humble opinion of myself…

So, if you’re considering going for a pixie, I can’t recommend it enough. Here are a few of the style’s greatest hits to inspire you.

  • 20 Iconic Pixie Cuts 1 of 21

    Including Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and many more!

  • Mia Farrow 2 of 21

    Fun Fact: Vidal Sassoon is often credited with Mia Farrow's iconic Rosemary's Baby pixie cut but the actress actually cropped her own hair with a pair of nail scissors. Farrow was recently quoted as saying "I intend no disrespect to Mr. Sassoon, but he had nothing to do with my haircut."


    [image via MTV Fora]

  • Audrey Hepburn 3 of 21

    Audrey Hepburn popularized the pixie cut in the late 1950s when she wore it in Roman Holiday.


    [image courtesy of Paramount Pictures]

  • Elizabeth Taylor 4 of 21

    Audrey brought it in to fashion, but Liz wore it first.


    [image via RealBeauty]

  • Janet Leigh 5 of 21

    Janet Leigh had a killer haircut in Psycho.


    [image courtesy of Universal Pictures]

  • Audrey Two: Pixie Bride 6 of 21

    Audrey showed her allegiance to the pixie by wearing it on her wedding day.


    [image via Access-Fashion]

  • Julie Andrews 7 of 21

    Good girl gone pixie.


    [image courtesy of 20th Century Fox]

  • Jean Seberg 8 of 21

    Goddard's muse was born to wear the pixie.


    [image via CinemaClassico]

  • Twiggy 9 of 21

    Twiggy swung into the sixties with her a-lined pixie.


    [image via]

  • Goldie Hawn 10 of 21

    Goldie Hawn defined the pixie of the 70's on Laugh In.


    [image via HairBetty]

  • Madonna 11 of 21

    The Material Girl didn't shy away from the pixie cut.


    [image courtesy of Vanity Fair]

  • Linda Evangelista 12 of 21

    If there was an icon of 80s & 90s pixie, it's got to be OG super model Linda Evangelista.


    [image courtesy of Vogue]

  • Halle Berry 13 of 21

    Who didn't wish they could trade heads with Halle?


    [image via All Posters]

  • Princess Diana 14 of 21

    The Queen of Pixie Cuts. Or should I say The Princess. (ba domp ching.)


    [image via DianaForever]

  • Winona Ryder 15 of 21

    90's It Girl with 90's It Hair Style


    [image via People]

  • Pink 16 of 21

    Pink puts a punk rock twist on the modern pixie.


    [image courtesy of FabulousMag]

  • Ginnifer Goodwin 17 of 21

    Ginnifer Goodwin has rocked an array of pixie cuts.


    [image via CinemaBlend]

  • Rihanna 18 of 21

    Rihanna is fierce with her close crop.

    [image via MyMusic]

  • Emma Watson 19 of 21

    Channeling Mia Farrow.


    [image via BellaSugar]

  • Anne Hathaway 20 of 21

    Say what you want about her but that hair is gorgeous.


    [image via Justice Magazine]

  • Michelle Williams 21 of 21



    [image via InStyle]


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