I’ll Confess, I’ve Fallen for Oil Pulling — Hook, Line, and Sinker


Recently, fellow Babble Beauty blogger Tamara posted a great tips post on 7 Don’ts of Oil Pulling — the health/beauty craze that’s been sweeping the nation (or at least the Internet). The latest fad is of course something we’ve been discussing behind the scenes at Babble Beauty, but in order to fully report back I figured I might as well give this thing a go myself.

I’m about two weeks in to almost daily oil pulling, and I have to say, I’m really kind of digging it so far. Here’s a quick rundown of what it’s doing for me and what it’s not:

Does it really help remove toxins from your mouth?

I initially decided to give it a go because I read about its potential ability to remove toxins from your mouth and help with sinus issues and stinky breath, so I was totally down to check that out. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m going to give it an 8 on that one — my sinuses are definitely less dry and my gums don’t get that burn-y sinus-y feeling I’m used to this time of year.

Also, as a side note I take a benzodiazepine which can cause dry mouth and wreak havoc on your gums. I feel like the oil pulling after brushing and or randomly in the middle of the afternoon helps me feel moist-er in the mouth (apologies to the half the universe that appears to hate that word.)

What do the experts say?

Jezebel interviewed a couple of dentists on whether or not oil-pulling did, and they actually kind of said it works! There’s at least proven science behind it. By the time I read that, I was already a few days in to my own experiment, but I dug what they were saying: In short, it’s the ancient version of flossing and brushing, and while it’s not quite effective, if your oral hygiene routine is lacking (and many of ours are), it’s going to be a step in the right direction.

How are my teeth looking?

Has it made my teeth whiter? I don’t think so. My lips are softer though, and plaque marks are disappearing. Also, I have fillings and I haven’t had an issue with anything going loose.

Is it as gross as it sounds?

No, it’s not gross. My advice is to take that spoonful of coconut oil and just chew it up. It will soon be liquified, and it’s actually a kind of nice gum massage to swish the thick liquid around for 20 minutes. (Reminder: spit it in the trash, not the pipes, coconut oil re-hardens! Don’t forget to check out Tamara’s post for other safety tips.) The swishing has been able to get out uncomfortable seeds and stringy-bits lodged in my teeth in a way that not even flossing has accomplished for me. So far, that’s the best part. Oh, and I like coconuts.

So, have you tried oil pulling yet? What do you think?


Article Posted 2 years Ago

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