In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness: 20 Ways to Tie a Head Scarf

If you’re anything like me, you love scarves both to accessorize your favorite outfit and to protect your hair from the bitter, cold winter. I stumbled upon when looking for a place to find trendy scarves. To my amazement, not only does have a great array of scarves, but they also have wonderful galleries and tutorials for wearing them.

One of my first jobs out of college was as a community manage for a breast cancer non-profit organization. In this position, I learned more about breast cancer and immediately became an advocate. I was also touched by many of breast cancer survivors’ stories. It is because of this experience that I make it a point to raise awareness.

In celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, is dedicated to serving the breast cancer community through their Knots for Hope campaign that donates head scarves to cancer patients in need. Because breast cancer awareness is also dear to my heart, I am sharing their Knot for Hope gallery with permission from with our Babble Readers. Check out Knot for Hope’s 20 Ways to Tie A Head Scarf below.

  • Up in Knots 1 of 20

    Up in Knots is a knotted version of the traditional headband.

    See full tutorial at

  • Twisty Turban 2 of 20

    The Twisty Turban is a relatively simple turban style that can be assembled with an ordinary sized scarf.

    Full tutorial here

  • Twisted Crown 3 of 20

    This may be one of my favorites. You start off with a large rectangular scarf and twist around tightly, tuck, and that's it.

    Full tutorial here

  • Twist and Shout 4 of 20

    With a long rectangle scarf, you can easily recreate this headscarf tie. 

    Full tutorial here

  • Rosetta Wrap 5 of 20
    rosette-wrap-step-4 copy

    Whether your hair is up or down, the Rosetta Wrap will give it that something extra. 

    Full tutorial here

  • Knotty But Nice 6 of 20

    With this tie, you can use your favorite scarf to create a beautiful, full side chignon. 

    Full tutorial here

  • Oversized Chignon 7 of 20

    This was one of the first ties that I learned. I will tell you it's a lifesaver if you have to run out with wet hair. 

    Full tutorial here

  • Side Pony 8 of 20

    During my time working at a breast cancer organization, this because a signature look of the courageous survivors. 

    Full tutorial here

  • The Twist-Me-Knot 9 of 20

    Doesn't the Twist-Me-Knot remind you of a beautiful crown? I like this tie for that very reason. 

    Full tutorial here

  • Maiden Braid 10 of 20

    Add a pop of color and dress up your braid with this tie.

    Full tutorial here

  • Scarf Bow 11 of 20

    The Scarf Bow is the perfect way to dress up or, in some cases, camouflage the messiest of messy buns. 

    Full tutorial here

  • The Top Knot 12 of 20

    The Top Knot is one of the most traditional ways to tie any head scarf. Using a large scarf can give you a fancier, fuller knot. 

    Full tutorial here

  • Bow Away 13 of 20

    The Bow Away is one of my favorite scarf ties for days at the pool or beach. 

    Full tutorial here

  • My Little Pony 14 of 20
    My Little Pony

    My Little Pony is a modified version of Side Pony. You use your scarf to give the illusion of long hair. 

    Full tutorial here

  • Criss Cross 15 of 20

    Criss Cross is a great introduction to tying head scarves. It looks complicated, but it's super easy.

    Full tutorial here

  • Knot My Hair 16 of 20
    Head Scarf

    For the Knot My Hair tie, a simple turn of the scarf ends creates a smooth knotted look. 

    Full tutorial here

  • All Twisted Up 17 of 20

    I really like the Twisted detail in this head scarf tie. The longer the scarf, the more twist and turns you can make. 

    Full tutorial here

  • Heidi Braid 18 of 20

    The Heidi Braid recreates a long braid that wraps around the crown using a long rectangular scarf.

    Full Tutorial here

  • Ahoy Matey 19 of 20

    We've all done this one. You probably even call it the pirate. Watch out, Jack Sparrow!

    Full tutorial here

  • Ponytail Wrap 20 of 20

    The Ponytail Wrap is both simple and classic. The trick is to get a flawless ponytail and wrap a slim scarf around it. 

    Full tutorial here

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