Is Hair Texturizing Powder Right For You?

Have you tried a texturizing powder yet?

Do you know what one is?

They snuck into the market before dry shampoos took over, and have been somewhat forgotten about.

A lot of my clients don’t quite know what to do with a texture powder, so they stay away from it. But when I get a chance to sprinkle some powder into their roots and rub it around, they are usually quite impressed with the results.

The overall idea of texture powder is to add grit and matte texture to your roots, in order to help encourage volume and fullness. It’s sort of like “day 2 product residue” in a bottle. Sometimes freshly cleaned hair is slippery and flat, since it doesn’t have anything “working” at the root to hold it up. Texture powders fix the clean feeling of freshly washed hair with an invisible, non-greasy powder.

While it may not be as effective as dry shampoo for absorbing oil, don’t think of this as a “hair refreshing” product. Think of it as a “hair dirtying” product in a good way, of course.

If you are unsure about whether you will like the feeling of this, or if it will give you the results you want, have your stylist sprinkle some at the roots at your next appointment. Live with it for the day. And if you are pleased with the results, go ahead and pick up a bottle!

  • Click through to see some of my favorite powders! 1 of 7
  • Lanza Poweder Up 2 of 7

    My favorite powder, this is powerful and adds the perfect texture to baby fine hair.

    Buy it at Folica.com.

  • Big Sexy Hair Poweder Play 3 of 7

    Slightly on the "lighter" end of the texture powder scale, this is very effective without a heavy residue.

    Buy it at Ulta.

  • Biomega Shake It 4 of 7

    Sort of unique, you add this powder to your styling products to add extra hold and texture.

    Find it at the nearest Aquage Salon.

  • Osis Dust It 5 of 7

    This was the first dust I tried. It's effective and will make any hair lift straight off the scalp!

    Buy it at Ulta.

  • Not Your Mother’s Girl Powder 6 of 7

    While I haven't personally tried this one yet, I hear wonderful things about Not Your Mother's products.

    Buy it at Drugstore.com.

  • Tigi Bed Head Sugar Dust 7 of 7

    Bed Head is known for somewhat wild hairstyles, and Sugar Dust is a perfect texture powder to add grit and lift at the base of your hairstyle.

    Buy it at Ulta.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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