5 Key Makeup Adjustements for a New Hair Color

During my years spent at a professional hairstylist, I saw many clients go through drastic hair color changes.

I would either softly transition them one way or another (lighter or darker), or we would radically alter their hair color in one session. It would depend on how brave they were feeling!

Have you dramatically changed your hair color? Gone from dark to blonde, or from blonde to red? The first thing you may notice is how different your skin and makeup look. There’s a new “color” framing your face, and therefore, your face is going to look a little different. Secondly, you may learn that you can wear new colors in your wardrobe. Or potentially avoid some!

These are a few specific makeup changes to pay attention to if you completely alter your hair color:

1. Adjust Your Bronzer and Blush Routine. When going from light to dark, you may feel like your skin looks a little washed out. Kick up the blush a bit, or invest in a flattering bronzer. Adding warmth and color to your face will keep you from looking “flat.”

2. Pay Attention to Eye Definition. If you are brightening your hair up significantly, you may notice that you lose some definition around your eyes. Try a darker eyeliner or even something as simple as an extra coat of mascara.

3. Your Favorite Lipstick Could Be a No-No. If you are changing the tone completely (for example, adding red), you may see that your favorite lipstick doesn’t really work anymore. Your stylist should be able to explain what tones you have in your new hair color, and you can then shop for a complementary lipstick that will work with you!

4. Use Highlighter. Taking brightness or lightness out of your hair can sometimes make you feel a little dull at first, so look into a highlighter to brighten your face up.

5. Remember That Eyebrows Frame the Face. If you are going from light to dark, make sure you fill in your eyebrows! Unless they were dark to being with, it’s crucial to balance your eyebrows with your new hair color.

Embrace the change of your new color! It’s fun to experiment and see how you can rock different looks!

Photo: Nars Blush/Bronzer duo, Sephora $41

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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