Leopard Makeup Tutorial

I don’t know why, but I’m just obsessed with cats. I feel like they are so simple and easy to do for Halloween. They’re also not scary, so if you’re trick or treating with a bunch of three year olds, you can bet you’re not going to terrify them! And for you single ladies out there, is there anything sexier than a cat or leopard? No. You don’t need a special costume — black is slimming, and as long as you’ve got some nude eyeshadows, some white cream, and a black liquid eyeliner, you’re all set. So before you think you don’t want to buy a costume and head out with your friends to some fabulous party, remember that this look is easy to do, basically free to make, and will leave everyone talking about you!

So … are you ready?!

  • Before you begin 1 of 17

    If you want to know how to get the gorgeous eyes, make sure to check out this tutorial. Keep scrolling and I'll dish how to get the awesome leopard spots!

  • Step 1 2 of 17

    Add some white cream to your upper lip.

  • Step 2 3 of 17

    Lightly scatter black spots where you added the white cream. You want these to be random. Then outline your lips, curving upwards towards your cheek with your eyeliner or black pencil.

  • Step 3 4 of 17

    Before you add your spots, take some yellow and gold eyeshadow and apply it to where you want your spots to be. It will add some dimension. I forgot this step until I was nearly done adding my spots! You're going to take your liquid eyeliner and start drawing in your leopard spots. These are just little half circles that I'm drawing, and they're totally random. You don't want your spots to be too perfect, so go ahead and let them be messy. If you mess up, just add it into the design.   

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  • Step 4 5 of 17

    See how random they are?

  • Step 5 6 of 17

    There we go! I remembered to add the yellow and gold eyeshadow!

  • Step 6 7 of 17
  • Step 7 8 of 17
  • Step 8 9 of 17

    Now you're going to fill in those spots using your dark nude colors.

  • Now for the Hair 10 of 17

    Take your messy second day — or fourth day, in my case — hair and bring it all to one side.

  • Add your headband 11 of 17

    Add your headband. I cannot for the life of me remember where I got this headband. It was years ago. If you can't find a headband, no worries. The look can hold its own!

  • Gather your bangs to one side 12 of 17

    Take take your teased and messy hair and drape your bangs over the band and secure with bobby pins.

  • Isn’t it Pretty?! 13 of 17

    Those spots look so awesome!

  • The finished look 14 of 17
  • Leapord Makeup 15 of 17
  • More pictures 16 of 17

    In case you don't want to be creative or you're worried about those spots, go ahead and copy the spots I've made. There should be plenty of pictures for you to straight up copy what I've done!

  • Roar! 17 of 17

    Wasn't too bad, was it?! Have fun at your Halloween parties — wish I could see your finished look!! If you do use this tutorial, tag me on Instagram. I'd love to see it! @twistmepretty!

If you use this tutorial, make sure to tag me on Instagram. I’d love to see your finished look! @twistmepretty

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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