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As any beauty addict knows, there are a million beauty tips (and products) out there. Just open up an issue of Allure and you’re likely to get more information than you know what to do with. But with so much beauty advice out there, which beauty tips make a big difference? I asked some of my favorite beauty and style bloggers which tips actually made a big difference in their (beauty) lives. Did a new BB cream cut down on their routine and make their skin look amazing? Did changing up how they curl their hair make the curls last for hours? What did they do to look matte all day after struggling with shine for years?

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    Years of being a beauty addict means bloggers often have heard every tip out there. They've tried that revolutionary new product, they've talked to a makeup artist about how to look more awake, and they know when to ignore the hype. Which beauty tips have really made a big difference for them?

  • Flawless, Camera Ready Skin 2 of 21

    "I've never been a face primer girl, they just make no difference for me and feel like extra, heavy product clogging up my face. Miracle Skin Transformer Face Acne Control is the first product to make me change my mind. It cancels out imperfections, contains SPF and still allows my skin to feel like I have nothing on it. When I want a little more coverage I add on Clinique CC Cream and IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation. When I use these three products together my face it flawless, camera ready and certainly not cakey."
    - Brooke, Blushing Noir

    Miracle Skin Transformer Face Acne Control $48
    Clinique CC Cream $35
    IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation $49.50

  • Look Well Rested 3 of 21

    "The holy grail of highlighters, Yves Saint Laurent is known for its highlighting wonders and I use it daily. Touche Éclat, when used in the right places like the inner corners of the eyes and brow bone, gives off the perfect radiance of a softened glow. It comes in eight shades for all of your various highlighting needs, but stick with the original, Luminous Radiance for the most radiant of looks."
    - Teri, BeautifulMakeupSearch

    YSL Touch Eclat $40

  • Look Altering Shadow Primer 4 of 21

    "Eyeshadow primer has been my number one life changing beauty product! Ever since I found Too Faced Shadow Insurance, my makeup has changed for the better!"
    - Phyrra

    Too Faced Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer $20
    Too Faced Shadow Insurance Lemon Drop Eye Shadow Primer $20
    Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue Eye Shadow Primer $20

  • The Conditioning Treatment That Saved My Hair 5 of 21

    "My life changing product? Aphogee 2-Step Protein Treatment. This one single item completely reversed what I thought was completely un-reparable hair damage.
    Many years ago I had the unfortunate experience of getting my hair irrevocably fried at a salon with bad highlights. We are talking a total disaster. Post highlights, I had what the salon thought was cortex damage: my once normal hair felt sticky and gummy in texture. You could hardly get a comb through it and it didn't even feel like, well, hair!
    After scouring various beauty sites and beauty message boards, I discovered the Aphogee 2-step Protein Treatment (thank you Makeup Alley!). It completely restored my hair from what I thought was un-reparable damage!
    This process saved my hair 10+ years ago from my salon disaster and I continue to use the Aphogee treatment both before and after my highlights. While my hair is no longer damaged, the treatment ensures that my highlights will not cause breakage nor damage. Actually, this product guarantees no breakage for 6 weeks! I seriously can't live without it and will absolutely not get my hair highlighted nor colored before applying this treatment 24-48 hours in advance."
    - Pam, Pammy Blogs Beauty

    Aphogee 2-Step Protein Treatment $24.99

  • Stay Matte 6 of 21

    "For years I struggled with my shiny t-zone. I think I've tried every mattifying cleanser, moisturizer, treatment product, oil absorbing powder and blotting sheet out there. Nothing really seemed to work until I read about Milk of Magnesia as a mattifying primer over on Makeup Alley. I only break out this trick in the middle of the summer, but a very light layer over my moisturizer is all I need to stay matte all day, no matter what!"
    - Christine 15 Minute Beauty and Babble Beauty

    Phillips Milk of Magnesia $6.49

  • Skip Shampoos 7 of 21

    "Embrace your dirty hair! Invest in some dry shampoo and learn some new styles so that when that second and third day hair hits, you're ready! There are a lot of great second and third day hairstyles you can do, like a high bun."
    - Abby, Twist Me Pretty and Babble Beauty

  • The Nail Art Tool You Already Own 8 of 21

    "Q-tips can totally help with nail art. I've never been much of an artist when it comes to nail designs but every now and then I like to add a little POW to my nails. Q-tip's Precision Tips are perfect for adding little jewels effortlessly to nails. I don't know why I didn't think to do this before! Q-tips are also great for cleaning up a manicure in a pinch."
    - Brittany, Clumps of Mascara

    Q-tips Precision Tips $3.49

  • No More Dry Hands 9 of 21

    "I watched a truly awful miniseries about the Vanderbilt family in the 80s. The "Gloria" character talked about how she kept her hands looking perfect by wearing moisturizing gloves nightly. I think I've probably owned 50 different pairs since learning that trick!"
    - Raging Rouge

    Sephora Spa Gloves $36

  • Setting Spray That Adds Hours to Your Look 10 of 21

    "Skindinavia Makeup Setting Spray (their actual version, not ones they've made for other companies) extends the life of your makeup by hours. It makes your skin look younger and fresh, while keeping your makeup in perfect place for more than 10 hours."
    - Kelly, Gouldylox Reviews

    Skindinavia Makeup Setting Spray $29

  • Long Lasting Curls 11 of 21

    "Spraying with hairspray BEFORE you curl - the best way to get curls to hold put! Brush through the hair prior to curling. Making sure your hair is without tangle prior to curling will give your curl a smoother finished look."
    - Kristie, Blushing Basics

  • Multi-Tasking Lip Pencil 12 of 21

    "I live for Cargo's Reverse Lip Liner.
    I usually can't stand the way a harsh lipliner looks, so I use this flesh colored pencil around my lips for a well-defined pout. The color blends in so seamlessly, only I know it's there! I've also used it on a zit as concealer in a pinch. It comes in two shades, but hopefully they'll add a darker one soon!"
    - Amber, Beauty Junkies Unite

    Cargo Cosmetic's Reverse Lip Liner $16

  • The Blowout Tip You Didn’t Know 13 of 21

    "In warmer months, to help preserve your blowout, apply anti-perspirant to the back of your neck to keep hair from getting sweaty, frizzy, and curly. Many of us have curlier hair at the hairline and back of the neck, so this will keep the back of the neck hair from curling up."
    - Meredith, Retrodiva's Beauty

    Mitchum for Women Advanced Control Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Invisible Solid $3.99
    Secret Flawless Clear, Antiperspirant & Deodorant Crystal Clear Gel $5.99

  • The Best of Both Mascara Worlds 14 of 21

    "My mom taught me how to apply mascara when I was a teenager and she also shared this tip: layer two mascaras - one waterproof, one not. Apply the non-waterproof mascara first, so that the mascara is easy to remove and won't stick to your eyelashes. Then apply waterproof mascara over it, so that it won't rub off throughout the day. Wearing just one or the other can be problematic. Waterproof hurts and pulls out my eyelashes, non-waterproof gives me black circles under my eyes. But together they are the best of both worlds, a mascara dream team!"
    - Jeanette, J's Everyday Fashion and Babble Style

    CoverGirl Professional Super Thick Lash Mascara $4.29
    CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Waterproof Mascara $7.79

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    "PRIMER! I've always had problem skin that alternates between dry and oily depending on the time of day and year. My makeup often disappears by lunchtime. Primer changed all that! I have recently discovered the joys of color-correcting primer, which really help balance out my reddish skin tone."
    - Kayla, Freckles in April and Babble Style

    Monistat Soothing Care Powder Gel $6.49

  • Hiding Circles 16 of 21

    "Concealer changed my life! It was my first makeup product because of my hereditary dark circles, and it is what made me realize the power of makeup! It is why I became a makeup artist."
    - Christina, The Makeup Blogger

    IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye $24
    NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer $28
    L'Oreal Paris Magic Magic Lumi Concealer $12.95

  • You Need Help Washing Your Face 17 of 21

    "The Clarisonic is hands down the best beauty product I own. I've been using the Clarisonic Mia 2 for a few months now and I have honestly never gotten so many compliments on my skin. But, ever since I started using the Clarisonic Mia my skin looks and feels so much better!
    Wow. That totally sounded like a commercial, but seriously. People keep asking me what my skin secret is. I'll admit that I was pretty skeptical that this thing was going to be as magical as I'd heard from other people, but it really was."
    - Lauren, Babble Toddler, Beauty and Style

    Clarisonic Mia2 $150

  • Splurge Worthy Foundation 18 of 21

    "When I was young, I took having good skin for granted. Having two kids under 3 and a growing business my skin has seen better days. I don't have a lot of time, so I needed a product that went on smooth and perfect even while multi-tasking. Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation is heaven sent and worth the added price tag. I don't use it all over my face, just to even out my dark circles or any redness. It blends into the skin flawlessly and leaves it looking fresh. Nothing makes you feel more confident than knowing you are putting your best face forward."
    - Summer, The Girls With Glasses and Babble Style

    Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation $60

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    "While I've always kept my brows in good shape, I had never understood the importance of using a brow pen. Once I finally applied it, there was no turning back. Filling in your brows not only gives your whole face a more "uplifted" appearance, it really helps to frame your face. No longer are my brows just an afterthought, but a primary part of my makeup routine."
    - Shannon, A Girl's Gotta Spa!

    TouchBack BrowMarker $19.95
    Anastasia Brow Pen $21

  • Layering Intensive Hair Treatments 20 of 21

    "Finding this way to super condition my hair changed my life. It is time consuming, but it is also awesome.
    In the morning, wash your hair and apply Joico K-Pak. This is a Keratin treatment that does wonders for the hair. Don't overuse it though since overuse of Keratin can cause weakened hair. Leave the K-Pak in for 5 minutes and rinse out.
    Fully dry or partially dry your hair and put a thick layer of oil on it. I like to use Ojon Restorative Treatment, but a heavy application of something like coconut oil or argan oil will also work. Wrap your hair in a towel or under a hat and leave it on as long as you can. I go all day. Later rinse it out and condition as normal. I do this once per month and my hair is amazing afterward!
    Touch up in between with an application of K-pak followed by your favorite deep conditioner (I like DermOrganic Intensive Hair Repair Masque)."
    - Carleen, Beauty and Fashion Tech and Babble Pets

    Joico K-Pak Revitaluxe Bio-Advanced Restorative Treatment $7
    Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment Plus $33
    DermOrganic Intensive Hair Repair Masque $16

  • Special Eyelash Curler 21 of 21

    "The one beauty product that changed my life is the Japonesque Precision Eyelash Curler. It's half the size of regular eyelash curlers, flat and THE ONLY curler that makes my straight, short lashes, turn up and wing out and opens my eyes. I love it. Of course great mascara doesn't hurt either, but if I don't have my shorty curler, no mascara is great."
    - Maegan, ...love Maegan and Babble Beauty and Style

    Japonesque Precision Eyelash Curler $10.50

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