3 Unique Ways I’m Styling My New Lob


Last month, I reported seven reasons why the lob is a great haircut for moms. The lob, otherwise know as a long bob, is a mid-length cut with little to no layering. Instead, bulk is removed via texturizing to lighten up the ends, add movement, and create an airy quality.

The truth is that I wanted the lob myself but one practical concern was holding me back. As a beauty blogger, it’s pretty convenient to have long hair to work with for hairstyling tutorials. It’s just simply easier to create certain updos, braids, and curls on long hair. But one of my own arguments for the lob is that it’s still long enough for plenty of variety. So, I took my own advice and headed to the salon.

My pal, Jenn at Chicago Avenue Salon chopped off about five inches of length. It was a little nerve-wracking but also totally liberating. Amazing how a fresh haircut can feel like the start of a new chapter, isn’t it?

I love my new haircut and I’m so glad I decided to shake things up a bit. I had to rethink how I style my hair but it’s been really fun experimenting with this new length. It’s more versatile than I had imagined and in this post, I’ll show you three unique and pretty ways to style your lob.

Look 1: Knotted Half-Up


Half-up hairstyles look fantastic with a lob. The length in front is long enough to secure in back, offering a bit of polish while getting your hair off your face. This unique tied-back look is simple but adds a lot of visual interest.



1. With your fingers, pick up two chunks of hair from your front hairline, above your ears. Add your styling product to both side sections. Don’t be shy with this; the product will make tying your hair much easier.

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2. Twist both sections and tie the twists by folding one over the other and pulling tight, just as you would tie a shoelace.

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3. Hold the knot in place and use bobby pins to secure it. Be sure to cross your pins for a strong hold.

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Look 2: Braid-Crossed Updo


The easiest way to put mid-length hair up is to do it in sections. This makes the shorter lengths in the back easier to neatly corral. The basic sectioning used for this style can also be used to create a variety of updos by altering either the back or the front sections. For example, you can skip the braiding and just smooth both front sections back or swap them out for twists, rope braids, fishtail braids, etc.



1. Apply product throughout and use your comb to create two front side sections from the top of your head at your part down to behind your ears. Clip them out of the way.

2. Tie the remaining hair in back into a low ponytail but don’t pull the ends all the way through. This will create a small loop at your nape.


3. Press the loop to your nape and use bobby pins to secure it.

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4. Release the front side sections and braid them. It helps to hold the strands up and braid away from your face, in the direction they will eventually be pinned.

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5. Gently pull the sides of both braids to widen them.

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6. Cross one braid over the top of your loop bun, hiding the hair band. Tuck the ends of your braid under and pin in place. Then pin along the entire braid, as well as around the bun.

7. Repeat with the second braid.


Look 3: Sleek with Exposed Bobby Pins


This look was inspired by a style seen on Kate Mara. It combines sleek, smoothed-back hair and exposed bobby pins for a look that is refined with a touch of sass. Working with bobby pins when they are meant to be seen is a lot of fun. I’ve inserted silver pins diagonally but feel free to experiment with different colors and patterns.



1. Apply styling product to your hair. A product with a bit of shine works best for this look.

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2. Use a boar bristle brush to smooth your hair back down toward your nape.

sleek-brush (1 of 1)

3. Insert bobby pins at a diagonal (parallel to each other), working from behind the ear towards the center on both sides.

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