Now You Can Get Long-lasting Gel Nails Without the UV Light

Nail care company CND recently launched a new nail product called Vinylux, a line of over 60 shades inspired by colors that CND already sells in traditional nail polish. 


A professional applies it like they would any other gel nail polish, in very thin coats, and finishes with the dedicated top coat. No curing under a UV light necessary!

CND claims that your nails will look flawless for 7+ days. Plus, the more time you spend in natural light, the tougher the top coat becomes. Could this be the perfect summer manicure product?

The polish needs to be removed with the product that one would use to remove a gel nail, since Vinylux is essentially the same thing. I wonder if it will be more gentle on sensitive nail beds since the UV light isn’t required.

As gel nail systems became more and more popular in the last year, there has also been a greater awareness of excessive UV light usage on our hands. I’m happy to see CND is trying to get away from requiring that for long-lasting nail polish.

Right now, this service is only available in salons, but I anticipate that in a year or so the public will have access to something pretty similar.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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