Love At First Slice: When Plastic Surgeons Marry Their Patients

I recently read about The Matloffs, an L.A. couple who met as doctor and patient when Veronica came in for a routine vaginoplasty consultation at David’s plastic surgery practice. You could say it was love at first slice. (I would, because I dig on puns.) David and Veronica soon married, and husband proceeded to sculpt wife into his perfect woman, much to the glee of both parties.

As women, we can be really, REALLY hard on ourselves at times. I know I can. We look in the mirror and some days can’t see a damn glimpse of natural beauty past our own crazy critiques of our sagging bodies and aging faces (“WTF?! That pore wasn’t there yesterday!!!”).

And there’s no denying that “going under the knife” for plastic surgery, Botox, or injectible fillers is becoming more common than mani/pedis these days (like, crazytown, especially here in LA). A lot of us have probably wondered what our lives might be like with a nip here, a tuck there, or a coupleashotsa Ye Olde Botox in those really deep lines that just won’t quit across my forehead.

…But what if your HUSBAND was a plastic surgeon, able to deliver on your every whim to correct? Unlike the spouses of gynecologists and urologists the world over, plastic surgeons’ wives seem to be becoming their husband’s personal canvases more and more often. DuJour Magazine recently sat down with four wives of prominent plastic surgeons to see what life was like at home with a husband who was trained to see bodies as works in progress. According to DuJour:

Generally, doctors in other areas don’t operate on family members, let alone their mates. But plastic surgeons? There is not a woman I’ve talked to who wouldn’t go to her spouse for rejuvenation and modification. Recently Potter Aston, a fiftysomething whose cool Hitchcock-blonde looks belie a warm and witty demeanor, had a face-lift courtesy of her husband. When I mention the somewhat disturbing thought of a husband peeling off his beloved’s face and sewing it back on, she waves it off. “I never gave it a second thought,” she says. “I’ve seen his work. I’ve seen him at work. I know he’s a perfectionist. Why would I go elsewhere?”

What if your husband was one of the world’s most successful plastic surgeons, wielding the eraser tool of perfection to correct your every flaw, real or imagined? To suck your saddlebags away, perk up your breasts, or make those laugh lines vanish? Would that be a blessing or a curse? A luxury? A totally effed-up ethics issue? Or just a telling preview for clients to your husband’s surgical aesthetic? According to 30-year-old Lisa Hochstein of Real Housewives of Miami fame, whose husband is “Boob God” Lenny Hochstein (and yes, hers are his handy work):

“There is no shame. Everyone on the show has someone or something they are promoting, and by looking like this, I promote my husband’s business.”

The DuJour artcile in particular is fascinating, the surgeons’ wives reflecting a number of viewpoints. For a sneak peek inside the marriages of a few Michelangelos and the women who love them, read the entire article HERE.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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