Low Maintenance Beauty: Eyelash Dip 101

I have this thing for any and all kinds of semi-permanent alternatives to actually doing my own makeup. Because I’m a mom to a little one, a work-at-homer, and still as vain as I was in my 20s, I realized that while I no longer had the time or energy for my full beauty routine, I didn’t have to walk out of the house looking like the crypt keeper (or, y’know, just all pale in the face with no discernible lashes), thanks to the plethora of permanent makeup solutions available these days. It may seem high maintenance at first, but when you really start to think about it, it’s as low maintenance as you can get.

I’ve professed my love for tattooed permanent makeup, short hair, and eyelash extensions, but this week I tried something new: The Lash Dip.

Somewhere between lash extensions and mascara, the dip is actually a brush-on gel applied by hand to cleaned and curled lashes and left on for a full day. It’s not painful, or even uncomfortable just tedious; my upper and lower lashes took about two hours to complete. So far, I’m pretty happy with the result I’ll check back in a couple of weeks to let you know how they’re faring.

Have you ever had a lash dip? I had mine done by Chelsie at Vanity Cosmetics in Sherman Oaks (Los Angeles), and she is lovely and meticulous. Check out the step by step below!

  • Y’all ready for this? 1 of 10

    Man, I love a good semi-permanent lash solution. 

  • It always looks a lot scarier than it is. 2 of 10
    image copy

    I swear this is not a painful procedure. This is just to prevent the lash gel from getting all semi-permanently on my face. Also, sticking your tongue out like a frog is completely optional.

  • Paint it Black 3 of 10

    After lashes are primed and curled, the gel is painted on lash by lash, carefully coating each one.

  • Blow Dry 4 of 10

    Yup — she's blow drying my eyelashes with a tiny blowdryer. Or maybe it's a water pik.

  • One Side Down, One To Go 5 of 10

    ...And sure, why not post this least flattering photo of me ever on the internet.

  • Brush and Comb 6 of 10

    Chelsie carefully brushes on the gel, coating each lash.

  • You Gotta Keep ‘Em Separated 7 of 10

    After the gel was applied, Chelsie carefully separated every lash.

  • It’s About As Relaxing As It Looks 8 of 10

    Not painful, but tedious. You need to keep your eyes open through most of the application (which does not burn like some lash extensions have been known to). Also, taking selfies during the process does not help.

  • Final Product 9 of 10

    Here's the morning after application, post-shower. (Note, I also have permanent eyeliner and brow pencil, so this is how I wake up in the morning, thanks to my addiction to semi-permanent cosmetics.)

  • The Full Effect 10 of 10

    My whole semi-permanently made-up roll out of bed face.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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