LUSH: Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Review

The nearest LUSH store is almost two hours away. So when I happened to visit family who had a store five minutes down the road, I couldn’t turn down the chance to visit.

Now that I’ve experienced the “hype” for myself, I can see what everyone’s pumped-up over …

  • The LUSH Story 1 of 15


    Mark Constantine (a scalp and hair specialist) and Liz Weir (a beauty therapist) met in a hair salon in England. They partnered in selling their own line of natural products.



    Mark & Liz become the biggest supplier for The Body Shop. Later on, The Body Shop purchased their product formulas.



    Cosmetics-to-Go becomes a new mail order company (legal agreements with The Body Shop forbade them from opening a store front for 5 years). In 1995 the first LUSH doors opened in Vancouver, Canada. The name LUSH came about from a customer suggestion, which is defined as being green, fresh, verdant, and drunken women. Mark thought it was perfect!



    In 2003, the first US store opens in San Francisco. 

    In 2007 Charity Pot launches, a hand and body lotion that serves charity efforts. 100% of profits go to a variety of charities (changes monthly). Over two million dollars were donated in just the first five years. 


    For more of LUSH's story, go to LUSH.com

  • What’s The Big Deal? 2 of 15

    LUSH is an honest company with good intentions. They believe in pure ingredients, safe synthetics (when needed), and making life better with their products. Never tested on animals, everything is made by hand, and they believe products should be be solid to use little or no preservatives. Plus all packaging comes from recycled materials.


    And we haven't even started talking the products yet ...

  • Soaps 3 of 15

    Higher price tags don't always convert into higher quality. At LUSH, all soaps are packed full of essential oils, fruits and vegetables, and are on a mission to meet your skin's needs.

  • Soap Favorites 4 of 15

    Here are a few of my soap favorites ...


    SEXY PEEL, $6.40

    Start your day with a zing of citrus! Real citrus rinds also act as exfoliators!



    It's more of a creamy lotion rather than a traditional sudsy soap. But don't be fooled — it cleans like a champ and leaves skin oh so "smoothie."


    BUFFY, $11.95

    It's a soap AND a butter, a body butter that cleans and moisturizes all in the same step. No need to lather on the lotion afterwards. For busy moms and busy kids alike, this one works wonders! Plus it's one of LUSH's purest products — by far one of my favorites! 

  • So Fresh & So Clean 5 of 15

    If you chance to visit a LUSH store, take a peek at the fresh face masks. Made with local ingredients, each mask aims to treat different skin concerns. Not sure which one is right for you? Pop into any store for a consultation with an associate.

  • Fresh Cleansers 6 of 15

    As mentioned before, one of the best ways to reduce wasteful packaging is by making products solid. The above are all examples of facial cleansers. Simply wet your face, rub a pea-sized amount of product into a paste, and cleanse as normal. Talk about innovative, right?

  • Face Favorites 7 of 15

    Here are a few of my face favorites ...


    BB SEAWEED, $6.95 

    A reviving raw (no preservatives/made fresh) face mask that exfoliates, hydrates, and restores skin's natural beauty. Although the big seaweed bits can be gagging, the results are well worth it.


    OCEAN SALT, price varies

    It's best-selling for a reason: it exfoliates while it cleanses. I prefer to use it prior to applying a mask.


    MASK OF MAGNAMINTY, price varies

    Seriously minty with serious results. It's by far my favorite LUSH mask, and it's great for men too!



    Toothpaste in a tube is so last decade! It's the first solid toothpaste in tablet form. Just crunch between your teeth, brush with a wet toothbrush, and watch the natural oils go to work on giving your teeth the perfect sparkle!

  • Bath Bombs 8 of 15

    Did you know that LUSH is the inventor of bath bombs? A bath bomb takes a boring bath into a personalized experience. Not all bombs are created equal and they all do different things! It's like making magic in the bathtub!

  • Bubble Bars 9 of 15

    Similar to a bomb but entirely different in function, bubble bars are a solid form of bubble bath, which eliminates the need for preservatives. It doesn't hurt that "Sunny Side" also shimmers!

  • A Beautiful Bath 10 of 15

    See what I mean? Has your bath water ever looked like this? Yeah, I know ... my mouth dropped open, too!

  • Bath Favorites 11 of 15

    Here are a few of my bath favorites ...



    Ideal for warming up on a cold autumn night — cinnamon, apple, and orange swirl with purple and gold.


    BUTTERBALL, $4.95

    Creamy coconut and vanilla are the perfect combination for this hydrating bath experience. 


    TWILIGHT, $6.25

    If you're looking for a fantasy bath bomb experience, try Twilight. Watch as your bath changes colors from pink to purple and even darker, all while smelling of soothing lavender. 


    SUNNY SIDE, $7.25

    Drop this shimmery bubble bar into your bath for LOADS of happy bubbles. On those bad days, glittery citrus can turn any frown upside down!

  • Get a Whiff of This! 12 of 15

    The way LUSH displays their products makes for a sensory experience! One walk past this block of honeycomb soap and I about melted. I just HAD to have it for my boys. Okay, maybe I had to have it for myself, too!

  • Kid Favorites 13 of 15

    Here are a few of my kid favorites ...


    ICKLE BABY BOT, $3.95

    Lavender and chamomile combine in this fun little robot to help induce sleepiness in little ones.



    It smells like honey mixed with caramel and feels like melted pudding. Like I needed another excuse to nibble on clean baby ears!  


    BLUE FUN, $6.95

    A bubble bath, soap, shampoo, and pliable play toy all in one. What's not to love?

  • Share The Love 14 of 15

    Have you tried LUSH products? Are you in love? Share the love by purchasing Charity Pot, lotion that really works for you and others. 100% of your money goes to helping others. 


    Charity Pot, price varies

  • Thanks for Playing 15 of 15

    I have to confess, visiting a LUSH store for the first time can be a bit overwhelming. But rest assured, the associates are professionals that really do know the products inside and out. Plus, if there's something that piques your interest, they'll make you a sample for you to try before you buy! 


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