Lusting Over One Love Organics Skincare

Did you know that most women believe that choosing skin care is more complicated than filing their taxes?! The most common beauty questions I get asked are about skin care, not makeup. I believe great skin starts with great skin care. The most youthful, beautiful, and healthy skin is skin that is hydrated.

I recently started seeing One Love Organics pop up on my favorite blogs, Instagram, and Pinterest. The more I researched it, the more I knew I had to get my hands on it and try it. Creator and President of OLO Suzanne Leroux says, ” I created OLO to offer a simpler approach to beauty. We use only the highest quality, most effective ingredients that directly benefit your skin.”

“We believe skin care should be simple. We believe that less is more. But sometimes you just need more. We believe laughter is the best beauty treatment. So have fun. Relax. Treat yourself. Use these guidelines as just that; a guide, not a rule book. Find what works best for you. Experiment. Play. Fall in love.” –OLO

I love this message and what OLO stands for. I, too, believe less is more and beauty truly shines from the Inside Out. OLO products let you do just that with clean, fuss free, 100% natural ingredients. You will not find any water in their products — with exception to the foaming cleansers, which require water. Pure plant oils nourish and balance the skin more effectively than water.

I have been using One Love Organics products for a little over a week and instantly started to see my skin look and feel different. Being thirteen weeks pregnant, I am aware now more than ever of what products I am putting onto my body, and OLO makes it easy to look and feel great without questioning what unrecognizable ingredients are in my products.

I tried 8 sensational products from the line. Click through my slideshow for my reviews on each product and see what I can’t now live without!

  • Introducing One Love Organics 1 of 8

    "Because beauty isn't in the bottle. It's in the heart." - OLO

  • Skin Savior- Beauty Balm 2 of 8

    A waterless beauty balm that cleanses and moisturizes whether your skin is dry or oily? There is nothing else like this product out on the market. Not only can you take off your makeup and wash your face with it, but you can use it as a moisturizer (my personal favorite), make a custom foundation with your favorite mineral powder, smooth fly-away hair ... the possibilities are endless. A little goes a VERY long way. To my surprise, my husband was intrigued by all the new bottles in our bathroom and took it upon himself to try Skin Savior without telling me. The next day he told me he used it on his eczema and loved it more than the dozens of products I have previously purchased for him.  Now one week later we are fighting over it. I think I need to order the bigger bottle.

    What's in it: Raw organic coconut oil, organic sweet soy, organic beeswax, rich mango butter, chia seed oil, organic vanilla, oat straw, vitamins A, C, and E. 

    Get it at One Love Organics, $39-$68

  • Easy Does It- Foaming Cleanser 3 of 8

    One thing I haven't mentioned yet is that all of these products smell amazing!!! This foaming face wash not only takes off your makeup, cleanses your skin, and softens skin, it also helps protect your face, body, and hair! If you're looking for one bottle that does it all, this is your winner. While I am specifically loving it as a cleanser, my hubby uses it to wash his hair, face ,and body ( I may or may not be hiding it from him).

    What's in it: Glycerin, apple seed oil, Chilean soap bark, Honeysuckle flower extract 

    Get it at One Love Organics, $29

  • Morning Glory- Brightening Complexion Booster 4 of 8

    Brighten, de-puff and help protect your skin: these are the key words on the description of this serum. Sold! Yes please ... sign me up for all three! Smooth out the appearance of fine lines and help shield skin from everyday environmental damage. I have been using this in the mornings under my SPF, and I love how lightweight it is. 

    What's in it: organic Rasberry leaf, organic sweet mint, organic oils of  lemon, ylang ylang, and peppermint. 

    Get it at One Love Organics, $29-$48

  • Love Springs Eternal- Youth Preservation Serum 5 of 8

    You had me at "Youth Preservaton." I have been using this serum nightly and my skin is already thanking me. I wake up to hydrated, dewy skin every morning. Usually I feel like I need to lather on a moisturizer after a good night's sleep, but since using this serum, all I need to do is splash a little cold water onto my face and I still feel hydrated. 

    What's in it:  watermelon seed oil, organic rose oil, date seed extract, and vitamin E

    Get it at One Love Organics, $59


  • Vitamin C Serum and Vitamin E Eye Balm 6 of 8

    So, if I was stranded on a desert Island and could only take two products with me, these two would have to be it (although I would smuggle in a container of Skin Savior, too). I've tried a lot of Vitamin C serums, but this is my favorite. First of all, it's not sticky and it doesn't have a potent scent as most serums do. My skin drinks up this stuff, yet a little goes a very long way. It's so hydrating that on these hot summer nights I don't feel it necessary to put a layer of moisturizer on top of it, yet it doesn't feel heavy.

    The Eye Balm has the most incredible consistency. I warm up a very small amount on the palm of my hand and it melts into my skin. My eyes appear less puffy, bright, and extremely hydrated. At night I take the eye balm all the way up to under my brow bone for full coverage hydration. 

    What's in it ( Vitamin C serum): Packed full of antioxidants from green tea oil and supercritical sea buckthorn oil, Vitamin A, C, D, & E, omega 7 and omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids. 

    What's in it ( Vitamin Eye Balm): Vitamin A, D, & E and active antioxidants, organic fennel, organic sunflower seed oil, pomegranate, ginseng, organic shea butter.

    Get it at One Love Organics (Vitamin C Serum), $68

    Get it at One Love Organics (Vitamin E Eye Balm), $48

  • Brand New Day- Microderma Scrub and Mask 7 of 8

    Don't let the microderma scrub scare you. This scrub/mask is extremely gentle yet effective. My favorite part about it is you can do so many things with it! For a scrub, add 2-3 teaspoons of Brand New Day into your palm or a bowl with a little warm water, creating a paste, and massage onto your skin in circular motions. To create a mask, mix 1 tablespoon of Brand New Day with 1 tablespoon of greek yogurt (for a clarifying masque) or raw honey (for a moisture mask). Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse off with warm water! I tried all three ways! In fact ... there will be a separate How To post just on how to create these masks. The mask with many hats! LOVE! 

    What's in it: organic pea flower, pineapple enzymes, Vitamin A,C, K and B complex, zinc, alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, omega 3 fatty acid.

    Get it at One Love Organics, $39

  • New Best Friend- Skin Shammy 8 of 8

    I have never used a "wash cloth" like this. It's made from 100% pure dermalogical-grade microfiber chamois and can be used for up to 200 washes. This unique cloth eliminates oil and dirt and works so well on it's own that you need less of your cleanser to do the job. 

    Get it at One Love Organics, $12

*Images by Lux Wright

**One Love Organics provided me these products for review purposes free of charge. All thoughts and opinions are my own.




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