Milk It: Soothe Your Senses and Smell Fresh and Delicious

I recently purchased a bottle of Au Lait perfume (pictured below) and my nose has been smitten. It’s one of the greatest scents I’ve ever owned. It’s light, and fresh, and nearly impossibly to over apply (I said nearly). Milk scented products always remind me of spring and make me feel just a little more awake. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite milky products in hopes of converting you to the light and sweet side.



To really indulge, this vitamin E enhanced Sweet Cream Body Milk from Farm House Fresh feels and smells as good as it’s packaging looks. $26.00, HERE.



Soothe your skin and let your senses take you away with Scottish Fine Soap’s Au Lait Milk Bath Powder — available for $30.00 HERE.


DSH Perfumes offers Au Lait, a light, sweet, milky aroma that blends seamlessly with each wearer’s clean natural scent. $70.00 here.



You can light up your entire home with the scent of this Barr Milk & Oatmeal candle $22.00 via Anthropologie. Check out the glass!


A favorite brand of my youth, H20+ has this amazingly luxe body balm also lightly scented with a sweet milky fragrance. $10.00, here.



I would never want to leave out the vegans among us, so if you’re not a fan of dairy, consider this soy milk and honey body butter from Kiehls. $28.00, HERE.

Article Posted 2 years Ago

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