Monthly Tampons Delivered To Your Door?

It’s that “Time of The Month” again — UGH! Having your period is no fun, let alone convenient. If a monthly visit from your friend Flo isn’t your idea of an exciting surprise, why not try a feminine hygiene delivery service?

We’ve heard of monthly beauty subscriptions, such as Birchbox and Sample Society, but tampons? That’s a whole new ballgame. Try giving your period a pick-me-up with Le Parcel, your monthly tampon subscription service!

About Le Parcel:

Le Parcel is a monthly subscription service that sends you a package filled with up to 30 feminine products, a mystery gift (ooh and ahh), and some chocolate (because duh, we all need chocolate). Choose from a mix of pantyliners, pads, and/or tampons. They offer different brands to choose from, so you can try out new brands or stick to your favorites: Tampax, Tampax Pearl, Playtex Gentle Glide, Playtex Sport, Kotex, and U by Kotex. Set the date you want your shipment to arrive for $15.00 + free shipping. If tampons knocking at your door looses its luster, cancel anytime in your account dashboard — no phone calls or emails required.

The Great Debate:

While the concept is innovative and downright useful, many critics and fans alike are posing valid points — for and against tampon subscriptions:

Critics Are Saying:

It’s more cost effective to buy feminine products in bulk from stores like Amazon, Costco, or Sam’s Club, and keep them in your closet to always have on hand.
If limited space is a concern for buying in bulk, buy smaller quantities from retailers and still save more money than from ordering through a subscription.
Feminine products aren’t any different than buying toilet paper — it’s a basic need, no extra fluff is necessary.

Fans Are Saying:

It takes the guesswork out of remembering, well before your period hits!
No more awkward moments for you or your significant other at the checkout counter.
It makes that “time of the month” more fun! Everyone likes receiving a package, especially one with a few surprises!

A Competitive Market?

In doing some digging, there are two more companies who want a piece of the menstrual market — HelloFlo and Juniper are competitors of Le Parcel. Both offer feminine product subscriptions with different perks. Le Parcel seems to be the overall winner, being the most cost effective for the number of products received.

In The End:

Periods affect half of the world’s population, period (pun intended). That fact will never change. But now, one has a choice in how they purchase feminine products. You can hire almost anyone or buy anything online, including groceries and diapers, so why not tampons, too? For me, the idea of receiving a special box each month to make my menstruation a bit less mundane is not a bad thing — even if it may cost a few extra bucks.

*Le Parcel sent a box to review, but the research obtained and opinions expressed are my own.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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