This Is What Happened When My 6-Year-Old Did My Makeup


When I asked my 6-year-old son if he’d be interested in doing my hair and makeup for a post, he couldn’t believe his good fortune.

“Are you serious?” he asked with a devilish grin. Julian isn’t particularly gentle and has a penchant for destruction, so he’s usually shooed away from my things. This just adds to the allure of my colorful makeup and shiny hair accessories and he has a hard time staying away. How can I blame him? I can’t resist their pull, either.

I first set out all my makeup on our kitchen table along with my makeup brushes. When he saw the bounty before him and my bare canvas of a face, he exclaimed, “This is a dream come true!”

That’s me: granter of wishes. So for the price of my humility and few defiled products, I made his fantasy a reality.

After giving him a brief rundown of the basic products, I let him begin my makeover. “Make me pretty,” was my only request.


He started with a pretty heavy dose of base. While applying concealer, he lovingly reassured me that he was going to make my face “look like it was never bad.”


I guess I needed a lot of blush? And then more blush.

my-kid-did-my-makeup (12 of 26)_edited-1

I like a strong eyebrow, but this is a little bold for my taste.


The mascara and lipstick assault was pretty frightening.

Julian was very pleased with his work but I felt a bit clownish. So, after a half a bottle of makeup remover, we went for a “take 2” with slightly more instruction.


He actually did a pretty good job with my foundation but lost interest in all that blending by the time he got to concealer.


I convinced him to be a bit more demure with the blush.


I got a shimmery green eye shadow, mascara, and red/orange lips to complete the look. Really, it’s not that bad, considering the first attempt.


Julian started my hairstyle by adding a few pops of color.


He used a lot of clips … and then even more. (Ouch!)


The mad genius switched out a few clips for bows and added a red extension before finishing with a pretty headband.


What do you think? Do I have a budding beauty professional on my hands? Either way, we both had a blast!

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