Treat Yourself To A Home Spa Day With These Natural Bath Products

Have you ever opened a package of mail that just smelled FREAKING AMAZING? It takes the part of your day usually bogged down by bills and junk to a whole new level.

That is what I experienced when I got a complimentary delivery recently from Soaps to Live By, an organic handcrafted bar soap retailer from Colorado. The natural soaps are made with natural moisturizers, such as coconut oil and sustainable palm oil, and have scents in a bunch of nose-wooing combinations. And they have inspirational words carved into them! I can’t get over how good they smell. I seriously keep picking them up and huffing them.

The scents transported me straight from my living room table surrounded by mail to my favorite natural spa surrounded by all things that are good. It naturally got me thinking about how I love a good spa day at home and got me hunting for other natural products that could transform my bathroom into a tiny, awesome-smelling getaway.

  • Transform Your Home Bath to a Natural Spa 1 of 8

    Going to the spa is a great way to relax and rejuvenate, but it's not always easy to fit into my life. Bring the spa experience home with these natural products. 

  • Set the Mood 2 of 8

    Start off your home spa experience by planning the mood around your favorite scents. Soap up with a soap with natural moisturizers and a transporting scent, like Soap to Live By's Shine soap with citrus and lavender scents, and plan the rest of your "spa" day around the scent to make it a cohesive experience.

  • Lights Off and Light Up 3 of 8

    Candles that is ... light some candles to make your bathroom a little more spa like. The mimosa scent of the Rewined Collection from West Elm would be lovely with the citrus and lavender of the soap. 

  • Exfoliate 4 of 8

    Scrub down with a natural salt or sugar scrub. Smooth Naturals are particularly intriguing out of all the natural scrubs out there because they are vegan friendly, cruelty free, and contain no parabens, PABA, paraffin, petroleum, mineral oil, phthalates, propylene glycol, silicones, sulfates, or synthetic colors. So, you can exfoliate your body and your conscience all in one. 

  • Soak 5 of 8

    Soak away all your aches, pains, and worries with a nice epsom salt bath. Dr. Teal's Lavendar Soaking Salt is available in the bath section of many retail stores, including Target. 

  • Shave 6 of 8

    Get a close shave that nearly resembles the smoothness of a good spa wax. Use natural shaving cream, such as Pacific Shaving Company's natural shaving creams or oils, to help prevent skin reactions to gross chemicals. 

  • Moisturize 7 of 8

    A great natural moisturizer will leave you with that glowing look that can only come from a nice relaxing spa day. One Body Lotion leaves your skin moisturized and smelling like Citrus Spice and Everything Nice. 

  • Have a Home Spa Day Once a Month 8 of 8

    Change your home-spa day up once a month with a different delectable scent arriving to your doorstep with Soaps to Live By's Soap of the Month option. 


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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