12 Fall Favorite Products for Natural Hair

This fall marked my 7th anniversary of wearing my hair natural. Within this time, I believe I have tried every product known to man. Although I’m still learning my hair, I feel like I’ve got it down to a science. My hair loves natural products that moisture and hydrate. This is true year round but in the fall and winter months I switch up my regimen a little by using gentler cleansers and styling with moisturizing curling aids.

I wanted to share some of my favorite natural hair products for the fall and how I incorporate them into my hair regimen.

  • SheaMoisture African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo 1 of 12

    It wasn't love at first wash with SheaMoisture African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo. It left my hair and scalp very clean, but also very dry. That was before I realized that it's a clarifying shampoo, meaning it should only be used as needed or monthly. And that following up with the balancing conditioner is a must. I shampoo my hair with this shampoo at the beginning of fall before switching to a Jessicurl Hair Cleansing Cream or CURLS Curlicious Cleansing Cream (both in this slideshow). 

    Available Target, $9.99

  • SheaMoisture African Black Soap Balancing Conditioner 2 of 12

    Sheamoisture African Black Soap Balancing Conditioner is made to restore pH balance to hair shampooed with its mate, Sheamoisture African Black Soap Deep Cleansing Shampoo. At first, I didn't know that. The shampoo alone or paired with another conditioner other than Sheamoisture Balancing Conditioner left my scalp itchy and my hair hard. This is a great product when the shampoo and conditioner are used together and used on occasion. 

    Available Target, $9.99

  • Jessicurl Hair Cleansing Cream 3 of 12

    I made the switch to a creamy cleanser for the fall and winter months. Jessicurl Hair Cleansing Cream has received many positive reviews, so I had to try it for myself. I'm very pleased with the results. Read more on creamy cleansers here.

    Available at Jessicurl.com, $16.95

  • Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment 4 of 12

    I was very impressed with this deep conditioner treatments. It's very rich yet light, making it perfect for any hair type.

    Available at Jessicurl.com, $16.95

  • CURLS Curlicious Hair Cleansing Cream 5 of 12

    CURLS Curlicious Cleansing Cream is one of the first creamy cleansers I ever tried. It leaves your hair soft and clean with its low sudsy formula. 

    Available at Curls.biz, $15.00

  • CURLS Coconut Sublime Conditioner 6 of 12

    Coconut Sublime Conditioner is enriched with organic coconut oil and other moisturizing ingredients. It's one of my favorite rinse-out conditioners. I usually follow up all shampoos or creamy cleansers with this conditioner. 

    Available at Curls.biz, $16.00

  • Eden BodyWorks Leave-In Conditioner 7 of 12

    This is one of the best leave-in conditioners I've ever tried. Its rich formula leaves hair soft and manageable. I apply a little after each wash before styling. 

    Buy it at Edenbodyworks.com for $8.99

  • Eden BodyWorks All Natural Curl Defining Creme 8 of 12

    For a long time, I was looking for an all-natural styling product that both moisturized and stretched my hair. Well, this is it. The Coconut Shea does both and stands up to humidity. It's perfect for any set style. 

    Buy it at EdenBodyWorks.com for $8.99 

  • Coconut Oil 9 of 12

    Coconut oil is heaven in a jar. It does so much and is perfect for detangling, moisturizing, and deep-treating hair. Also make sure you read 5 Ways Coconut Oil Prevents Hair Damage.

    Drugstore.com, $17.99

  • Earth’s Nectar Honey Curls 10 of 12

    Earth's Nectar Honey Curls is definitely what I consider a splurge with a price of $23.50. I can tell you it's worth it, though. It's one of the few natural hair styling aids that defines curls while moisturizing. It's only available at Natural Resources Salon and their Earth's Nectar site.

    Available at Earth's Nectar.com, $23.50 

  • Eden BodyWorks JOJOBA All Natural Deep Conditioner 11 of 12

    Eden BodyWorks Jojoba All Natural Deep Conditioner strengthens hair through its botanical combination of coconut, jojoba, and monoi. It serves dual roles of deep conditioner and a quick co-wash conditioner in my hair regimen.

    Available, Eden BodyWorks.com, $9.99

  • TRESemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner 12 of 12

    TRESemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner Aloe Vera and Avocado is my cheapie conditioner. I use it for the cool and seal deep conditioning method or a quick co-wash. It's also ideal for intense detangling sessions.

    Available at Walgreens, $5.99

Tamara Floyd is the Founder and Editor of Natural Hair Rules.com, a site dedicated to encouraging others to be who they are naturally. Visit anytime at www.naturalhairrules.com. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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