Natural Hair Isn’t a Fad — Now the Numbers Prove It

Some have coined the natural hair movement a fad. Others have oversimplified it by calling it a trend. But for the record, I never felt natural hair was a fad. It has always been something more than that. I felt like many women just wanted to see themselves in a different way. As cliché as it sounds, they wanted to get to know the natural woman. This was one of my reasons. You can read 7 Reasons I Went Natural.

Outside of self-image, many chose to wear their natural hair because it’s healthier. Your hair becomes less of a health hinderance or risk. Boston University reported correlations associated with hair relaxers and uterine fibroid tumors. By ceasing your use of hair relaxers and going natural, you are decreasing these risks. Wearing your hair natural also gives you the freedom to enjoy exercising. You don’t have to worry about sweating out your blow out when you’re natural.

Natural hair is its own trend-setting movement in more ways than one. Women all over the world were becoming more conscious about their health and things they were putting in and on their bodies. Natural is just better when it comes to hair and body products. We began to demand environmentally safe products. These products are formulated without the cheap fillers, harmful parabens, and harsh detergents.

This is also the reason you saw an explosion in natural, curly, and textured haircare product lines. Natural hair was the main force behind the expansion of these products offered at major retailers. Stores like Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS began to carry haircare products made from all-natural ingredients, especially for natural hair or textured hair.

Initially, hair product manufacturers waited for this fad or trend to pass. Newer brands that offer safer ingredients fully embraced the movement. They have prospered greatly for it. But unfortunately for those that waited, their sales have suffered. In this category are the manufactures of hair relaxers. In the last five years, their sales have decreased by more than 25%. You can read the full report for yourself: Hair relaxer sales decline 26% over the past five years.

Do you think natural hair is a trend or fad?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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