My Hair Adventure: How to Grow Out a Pixie Cut

“Hi, sorry — I promise I’m not crazy, I’m just growing out my pixie cut.”

It’s something I find myself saying more and more often these days. I mean, I knew the time would come. I’ve even been through it before; I just somehow must have blocked out this stage — that stage where you don’t want it to be cropped so short anymore, and yet the stages in between pixie and long-in-front tousled pixie (I don’t know, are there actual names for all these cuts?) are really, really unappealing … at least for my face and my hair type.

But how did I get here? Taking photos of random strangers in coffee shops in hopes that I can mimic what they’ve got going on with their coiffures? I even downloaded a discrete photo-taking app on my phone to avoid the awkward moment where I ask a stranger if I can take a picture of their hair. Now I just snap away and tuck them into a phone file for my hairdresser.

…I really probably shouldn’t be admitting to this on the internet.

The point is, what started as an asymmetrical crop suddenly couldn’t be short enough. My stylist warned me off the idea when I asked her to do it. It’s notoriously not easy to find a stylist willing to do a pixie chop, and when I finally got someone to take the plunge with me, she left me with a fringe in front that I hadn’t asked for. So after a couple of spins in the salon chair, I took matters into my own hands and went all Mia Farrow on myself. And I’ve loved having my pixie-est of pixie cuts, but I’ve realized that in the years I was rocking thick bangs, my forehead was aging underneath them, and I’m thinking I could benefit from a little more forehead coverage at this juncture.

  • Here we go… 1 of 12

    How'd I get here? A walk down memory lane.

  • It’s not easy going pixie 2 of 12

    The first time I asked for a pixie cut, I walked out looking strikingly like my mother. Not that my mother is bad looking. But she's 60.

  • Why couldn’t I leave well enough alone? 3 of 12

    For a brief minute, I had the hair I want now. This length is where I'd like to get back to. Turns out my stylist did know best when she advised that I'd want length in the front to keep my options open.

  • But NO… 4 of 12

    I didn't listen. I just tried somebody else on her day off.

  • Too short, a little too short. 5 of 12

    My hair is far too thick for this length. While it was tame here, once I started moving, it was a giant pouf ball at the front of my face.

  • Take that, self! 6 of 12

    Finally, just like Mia Farrow in her bathroom with the nail scissors, I got my full-blown pixie cut.

  • Lilac! 7 of 12

    I finally lightened it up, and actually this picture is making me wonder if I should just chop it again...

  • Some like it short 8 of 12

    I really dug it like this, but my forehead quickly started to protest.

  • Heh Heh… 9 of 12

    I just like this picture of me and Bo Bice.

  • Growing…. 10 of 12

    By June, I had enough shag back in the front that I thought I was on track, but perhaps as retribution for straying from her and getting a bad cut, my beloved stylist cut the front when I begged her to leave it alone.

  • Shaggy 11 of 12

    Starting the long journey back to bangs...

  • Mission: Your Hair 12 of 12

    These are the kind of creepy shots of strangers I've been snapping with my iPhone. Somebody help.

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